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Blog | Dec 21, 2017

How to Avoid Row Chaining in a Database

Posted by Mukesh Kumar

We encounter row chaining when the size of the row is larger than the size of the database block used for storing it. In this situation, the row is split across more than one database block. When this row needs to be accessed, more than one database blocks are traversed, resulting in greater I/O.

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Blog | Dec 14, 2017

Intro to Virtual Private Databases (VPDs)

Posted by Harish Durgapal

Oracle VPD enables you to create security policies or group policies to control database access at the row and column level. It allows multiple users to access a single schema while preventing them from accessing data which is not relevant to them. VPD uses Fine-Grained Access Control to limit visibility of the data to the specific users. 
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Blog | Dec 6, 2017

Oracle E-Business on Amazon Cloud (AWS)

Posted by Vivek Verma

AWS provides on-demand computing resources and services in the cloud, with pay-as-you-go pricing. You can run a server on AWS and log in, configure, secure, and operate it just as you would operate a server in your own data center.

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Blog | Nov 22, 2017

Intro to Virtual Tape Libraries (VTLs)

Posted by Abhishek Chopra

VTL is more flexible, easy to manage, reliable, has lower latency, and enhanced performance that allows the disk integration of newer data encryption techniques. A virtual tape library emulates the tape drive and gives a feel of a physical tape. VTL combines the advantages of both real physical tapes and disks and delivers high speed backup with restore management in case of any loss.

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Blog | Nov 7, 2017

Power BI – A Suite of Business Analytics Tools

Posted by Ramandeep Kaur

Power BI is an open ecosystem that is constantly growing. It is a suite of business analytics tools to analyze data that deliver useful insights. Power BI dashboards provide a 360-degree view for business users with their most important metrics in one place, available on all their devices and updated in real time.


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Blog | Nov 1, 2017

Oracle BAS vs Oracle EBS

Posted by Carla Roddy

Two of our most helpful and widely used support services are Oracle Business Application Support (BAS) and Oracle EBS Application Managed Services. Oracle BAS and Oracle EBS are largely complementary. While Oracle BAS supports your business users, Oracle EBS supports your Oracle E-Business suite itself. Here we take a closer look at these two services, which can work independently or together to give your enterprise a true partner for a wide range of Oracle support needs.

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Blog | Oct 30, 2017

Oracle E-Business Suite on Cloud

Posted by Vivek Verma

Doing an install in itself would run into hours for a 12.2 EBS instance. However, now with Oracle Cloud one can provision a fresh 12.2 instance in couple of hours and even have the option to choose the type of hardware and required storage.

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Blog | Oct 25, 2017

Oracle EPM Solutions That Drive Management Excellence

Posted by Samantha Hoppe

Most organizations today already have business intelligence solutions that offer them valuable information for planning and forecasting. These traditional solutions might offer valuable information, but do not deliver a complete and nonsectarian view of the entire business.

Sometimes, consolidating the data can be time-consuming. With so many systems in use today, 'small data' is growing into 'big data' and companies are finding it difficult to sift through it all. An enterprise data analysis solution is highly recommended to help businesses collect, integrate, analyze, and present business data. With an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) system like Oracle Hyperion, business intelligence and decisions will be more effective, enabling organizations to reach performance goals, enhance efficiency and maximize business processes.

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Blog | Oct 19, 2017

R12.1.3 Security Configuration Console - New Feature Released Oct 2017

Posted by Shyamal Shah

By Shyamal Shah, PDBA

The Single Backport patch in R12.1.3 will enable Secure Configuration Console to automate security configuration process which consolidates everything under one user interface. 

Patch 26090737 can be applied in Hot mode (It will require Application restart to take effect)

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Blog | Oct 18, 2017

Fusion Middleware Control to View & Change status of OBI Components in OBIEE 12c Part 2

Posted by Dharmendra Chauhan

In this second part of the two part blog series, I will discuss the management through Graphical User Interface i.e., Fusion Middleware Control (FMC). If you have an OBI system started, you can start/stop or restart the OBI component processes through FMC. Click here to read Part 1...

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