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Blog | Jan 17, 2017

Rollback of OMS from 13c to 12c

Posted by Amit Kumar Srivastava

Post new technology upgrades in an environment, it is not easy to revert the changes without proper planning and can be daunting. However, with the above methodology you can best plan to revert changes with minimal impact. Oracle provides best service levels for traditional approach for cloud applications through business-driven monitoring application management.
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Blog | Dec 23, 2016

Helpful Tips for OBIEE

Posted by Kiran Bellam

Discover some useful OBIEE tips from Kiran Bellam. 
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Blog | Dec 16, 2016

VLDB Performance Tuning Tale

Posted by Ravi Bhatia

Tuning very large databases, more commonly known as VLDB, has always been a challenging part of DBAs jobs. Delivering optimal performance for applications that access a VLDB is essential for the business. In this blog I will review common problems that impact VLDBs performance and will also cover a real world scenario demonstrating the challenge and our team’s solution.
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Blog | Dec 13, 2016

Why Amazon Leads the Public Cloud Market: Insights from re:Invent

Posted by Kevin Carroll

According to a recent TechCrunch article, Amazon is “the most important enterprise company.” The article continues that, “It is no longer a question of ‘if’ enterprises are moving to the cloud, but 

From analytics (Quicksight, Athena to query S3) to artificial intelligence (voice and image recognition, text to speech, Alexa) and let’s not forget IoT (data collection and sensor integration, Lambda serverless compute), conversations about innovation and where the market is headed were in no short supply. The energy is palpable, and being there was a good reminder of why AWS is making it difficult for others to advance in the public cloud sphere.

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Blog | Dec 9, 2016

Repository Upload Procedure in OBIEE 11G and 12C

Posted by Kanthikiran Kalagoni

In this blog I will discuss procedures OBIEE administrators should follow in uploading a repository .rpd file in both OBIEE 11G and OBIEE 12C versions under Unix/Linux environments. This step by step approach will help OBIEE Users and Administrators to understand the main difference in process we have performed in the previous versions of 11G and latest version of 12C.
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Blog | Dec 8, 2016

Showing Our Gratitude: Our Pledge to Continued Service Excellence

Posted by Peter Castello

During the holiday season, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our success possible. It is in this spirit that we would like to show appreciation for humble beginnings, valued customers, and acknowledging our roots: how far we’ve come and the spirit of where we’re going in 2017. We began as an Oracle shop, championing the needs of Oracle users from RAC installations to PeopleSoft implementations to E-Business Suite reporting and everything in between. And though much has changed in 17 years, our commitment to Oracle has never wavered.

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Blog | Dec 5, 2016

OBIEE 11G and 12C Starting/Stopping Servers

Posted by Kanthikiran Kalagoni

The procedures reviewed in this blog, can be easily used by both OBIEE administrators and users for starting and stopping servers in Unix/Linux Environments. The step by step approach will help OBIEE users to understand the main differences in process we have performed in previous versions of 11G and latest version of 12C.

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Blog | Nov 24, 2016

Recover Standby Database Using Service

Posted by Mukesh Kumar

Prior to 12c, we had to make the standby DB sync with the primary DB by taking an incremental backup from primary DB and applying the same in standby DB. This entire process was time consuming. In 12c, we now have a new feature Recover Standby Database Using Service, which simplifies the process greatly.
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Blog | Nov 18, 2016

OAM Integration with AD for Zero Sign-on

Posted by Sudhakar Mukkara

11g OAM has several new features and by integrating OAM with WNA we can achieve password less authentication for all the applications that are protected using latest OAM.
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Blog | Nov 11, 2016

AutoConfig Changes in 12.2

Posted by Brijesh Tiwari

In this blog I am going to explain new Autoconfig changes in the Oracle applications version 12.2 release as compared to the earlier EBS (12.1) release. Autoconfig extracts value from context and template files to generate the configuration files and also updates profile options into database.
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