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Blog | Sep 22, 2017

How Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Are Using SAP HANA

Posted by Hemanth Vemanath

SAP HANA is often considered the sole reserve of big business. The simple logic goes that SAP HANA, no matter how outstanding its benefits, is a platform that only the largest enterprises can afford. However, SAP has been changing with the times and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are starting to take advantage of the change. SAP now has offerings and solutions designed specifically for SMEs, and third parties offering SAP hosting and services make the transition even more affordable.

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Blog | Sep 21, 2017

New Features & Performance Improvements with TM1 Planning Analytics

Posted by Raghavendra Taluri

Planning Analytics Local uses hierarchies for deeper analysis of TM1 data. Essentially it turns attributes into virtual dimensions, saving RAM, increasing query performance and adding flexibility. Which in turn enables users to have smaller, faster cubes, to introduce hierarchies to queries as needed, and to do dimension versioning.

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Blog | Sep 15, 2017

3 Key Benefits of Winshuttle

Posted by James Thomas

Winshuttle is an outstanding suite of tools for getting the most out of your SAP data. There are at least three key benefits that speak directly to what Winshuttle can do for your organization. First, Winshuttle accelerates data movement in and out of SAP by simplifying and automating an otherwise slow, manual, IT-intensive task. Second, Winshuttle greatly improves data integrity, saving time and money otherwise lost to critical data errors. Third, Winshuttle streamlines data processes, empowering teams to easily create custom workflows to optimize key data and business processes without relying on the IT department.

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Blog | Sep 12, 2017

Hyperion Smart View Connections

Posted by Arshadulla Khan

Many of our clients use Smart View to load data and view data as part of their daily activities. This blog will help in making required connections to connect to Hyperion as required. You can also easily make changes to connections as required when there are any upgrades to Smart View or Hyperion. 

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Blog | Sep 8, 2017

AWS/Cloud Services: WAF Mitigation of Web Application Vulnerabilities

Posted by Dan Robinson

You may think you know about AWS/ Cloud Services but this post will test that theory. Read on for 7 things everyone should know about the tips from the AWS/Cloud Services White Paper (issued July 2017) on using the web application firewall (WAF) to mitigate security flaws.

What is AWS' WAF? WAF is a AWS web application firewall that users will find of practical value in protecting websites and applications from attacks at the HTTP protocol level. AWS developed the White Paper to explain how organizations can adapt the WAF in response to the Open Web Application Security Project's (OWASP) top ten web application vulnerabilities.

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Blog | Sep 7, 2017

Load Testing Oracle Database: Some Insights

Posted by Maheedhar Pasupuleti

The Preparation Phase is pivotal to the whole Load testing exercise. More caution needs to be exercised in analysis and conclusion especially when the load testing system is not a 1:1 replica of PROD.

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Blog | Sep 1, 2017

5 Things About Virtual Desktops

Posted by Carla Roddy

In this mobile business world we live in, businesses spend time and money on developing alternatives for the members of their work force that work remotely -- whether that's due to business travel or for staffers who work remotely from home offices. Mobility becomes a bigger consideration for the business world every day, especially the herculean task of providing secure access to the business information and applications remote workers need to function as productive team members. That, in turn, means it's important to understand the value of the Desktop-as-a-Service Cloud offerings. So read on for the five things we thought you should know about Virtual Desktops.

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Blog | Aug 29, 2017

Convert NON-CDB to Multitenant PDB (Pluggable Database)

Posted by Akshay Kumar

NONCDB to CDB conversion offers several options to choose from depending upon the size of the database. If the database is huge in size you have NOCOPY option available. This will minimize the amount of extra space needed along with amount of time it takes to perform a copy/move operation at minimal risk.

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Blog | Aug 24, 2017

MongoDB Tips – Part Two

Posted by Pavan Kumar Paramathmuni

MongoDB is a fast, robust and highly scalable database. It works on many platforms and has many language drivers for its optimal usage. MongoDB is growing day by day and one should have clear understanding of its basics as well as tips for better usage. Click here to read Part One...

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Blog | Aug 18, 2017

Getting the Most out of Oracle BAS

Posted by Samantha Hoppe

Oracle  Business Application Support, or BAS, protects your Oracle investment by backing up your business users with Oracle-related business expertise. However, in order to take full advantage of that expertise, it's important to utilize BAS at every opportunity. Here we take a good look at how to get the most out of your BAS plan in order drive your Oracle-run enterprise to new heights.

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