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Blog | May 26, 2017

Where Are Our Customers Taking Us?

Posted by Matt Bradley

Blog orginally posted on Rackspace.

At Rackspace, we regularly remind ourselves to let our customers pull us toward our future.

Sometimes they have to yank us there because what they want us to do for them is hard. If it were easy, someone else would already be doing it. That’s why, after starting as a Linux hosting shop almost two decades ago, we added expertise and support for Windows — which now accounts for 40 percent of our managed hosting business. That’s why we later added three flavors of private cloud. And expertise and support for customers who use AWS and Microsoft Azure (and, soon, the Google Cloud.)

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Blog | May 25, 2017

Introduction to Oracle Agent Gold Image Feature

Posted by Kausik Das

Agent Gold Image has some impressive functionalities that can be utilized for better efficiency. This new feature also provides both convenience and improved functionality where users need not upgrade management agents using the Agent Upgrade Console, apply patches using Patch plans, manage plug-ins using the plug-in lifecycle application and so on.

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Blog | May 24, 2017

SAPPHIRE 2017 Has Come and Gone...Now What?

Posted by Steve Woodgate

An estimated 30,000 conference-goers met in Orlando, Florida, to enjoy a week of sun, fun, and…SAP!?!

From the thought provoking key note addresses to the dazzling demonstrations, there was something for everybody. SAP has proven again that their brand is as strong as ever and the future is coming fast! Everyone has their own reasons for attending the conference. Whether it is understanding SAP’s path forward, researching the perfect tool to add to your IT toolkit, or reuniting with SAP colleagues from around the globe, SAPPHIRE NOW brings together the greatest SAP minds in a way few conferences can.

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Blog | May 18, 2017

Introduction to Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer-Part 2

Posted by Abhishek Shukla

If you don’t have an existing Discoverer End User Layer, you must create a new Discoverer 11.1.1 End User Layer. Fresh installations of e-Business Suite Release 12 Production do not contain a pre-installed Discoverer End User Layer. Only the E-Business Suite Release 12 Vision database contains a pre-installed Discoverer End User Layer. Click to read Part 1.

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Blog | May 17, 2017

Introduction to Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer

Posted by Abhishek Shukla

In the two part blog series, I will cover the steps required to install/upgrade Discoverer within an existing EBS R12 instance. In part one I will discuss about the installation of various software required for Discoverer upgrade. Click to read Part 2.

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Blog | May 15, 2017

SAPPHIRE NOW is underway: Let’s meet up and talk about your digital transformation journey

Posted by Peter Castello

There’s no shortage of conversation around the topic of digital transformation today, and we can’t talk about digital transformation without referencing SAP. SAP CEO Bill McDermott predicted at last year’s SAPPHIRE NOW conference that the next five to 10 years will be far more disruptive than the last five to 10, with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality as the next game changers. 

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Blog | May 11, 2017

Oracle Virtual Directory – A View for Different LDAP Solutions

Posted by Amit Raghuvanshi

OVD helps in utilizing all of the existing LDAP solutions in a cost effective manner. It creates a view like structure, which does not require change in an existing layout of technologies being used in organization. It connects to diverse applications and databases without any trouble and is very easy to implement.

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Blog | May 10, 2017

AWS/ Cloud Services: Latest Developments

Posted by Dan Robinson

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon's cloud computing platform that continues to evolve and add new services. AWS launched in 2006 and hasn't stopped innovating the services it offers websites and client-side software applications. As a result, we're always looking for tips on AWS/ Cloud Services, and fortunately we have some good news to share. Let's start with a little background on AWS' structure.

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Blog | May 5, 2017

Edition Based Redefinition (EBR) & Enabling an Application to Support EBR

Posted by Manoj Chawla

In the earlier releases, it was not possible to upgrade database objects while these were being actively accessed by applications. With the Edition Based Redefinition (EBR) feature introduced in 11g Release 2, this became possible without any downtime or, downtime is reduced to just application services bounce. 

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Blog | Apr 27, 2017

IT Security, a 24-Hour Concern

Posted by Pete Salamanca

Security issues are keeping IT professionals up at night, and not just with worries. A breach can come at any time of day or night, and they have to deal with it right away. Internet crime costs over $1 billion a year. Criminal organizations emulate business and open-source models, putting sophisticated malware in the hands of amateurs. It's a 24-hour job to stay ahead of them.

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