IT Trends and Outsourcing Survey Report

What will you prioritize in your 2017 IT agenda?

Our latest survey shares today's present state of operations so that you can start preparing for a digital tomorrow.

We asked the right questions on what keeps IT professionals up at night: What operational IT changes are expected? How will IT leaders address the talent gap? What services will be needed most? What will be outsourced? Together, responses from more than 200 industry professionals helped us paint a picture of the biggest changes in store in the coming years. Now, the key takeaways from this study are available to help guide you as you plan for 2017 and beyond.

Ensure a path to success next year by anticipating how to navigate these changes:

  • Public Cloud Considerations: Regardless of how companies decide to host their public cloud environments, the volume of migrations that will happen in the next year will spur increased demand for cloud services.
  • What’s in Store to Drive Greater Operational Efficiencies: Having powerful cloud-based platforms allow companies to use predictive analytics and analyze business operations more closely.
  • Addressing the IT Talent Gap: CIOs will need to face the skills shortage head on and may have to consider shifting positions to sustain operations in a pinch.
  • Prepping for Digital Transformation: With the increased amount of data in today’s IT environment, the need for managed service providers to make sense of it all has never been more important.

Get ready for the new year by evaluating these trends and prioritizing for the future.