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Blog | May 22, 2015

The Value of the Quarterly Business Review

Why is the Quarterly Business Review is Important?

QBRs provide the opportunity for you to hold your MSP accountable to their promises and to better plan for the next quarter and beyond. 

Quarterly Business ReviewAs a customer, one of the most important things you can do with your technology provider is to have regular quarterly business reviews (QBR). While informal day-to-day interaction sets the tone of the relationship, formal and “programmatic” communication provides a chance to discuss more strategic issues.

QBRs are a quarterly meeting that looks at the existing state of your business and how you’re meeting your goals with your technology provider. It includes a look back at the past quarter, where the successes and issues were, what the remedies were, and how did the IT solutions perform.

Reviewing the Past and the Future with your Managed Services Provider

Looking back over the past three months is only part of the QBR agenda. It’s also important to look forward to the next quarter and set goals. Identify areas of your business that are about to change and discuss how you can work with your provider to achieve those goals in the future. Ask your provider to share with you any trends or issues they are seeing with other customers that can help you avoid the same pitfalls.

Update on Service Offerings

Use your QBR to learn about your provider’s new service offerings. Think about any upcoming changes your company is going through. Are you expanding? Opening new offices? Your service provider may have additional products or services that can help you.


Share with your technology provider any return on investment you are receiving from their product/services and discuss any critical issues that need to be immediately addressed. Develop an action plan to address any of the identified issues, including scheduling follow-up and identify members of the management team responsible for executing the mutually agreed upon plans.

A successful meeting requires up-front planning and preparation; it's paramount that the right people are present, understand what the agenda should look like, understand where the company is going, and are empowered to make decisions. It should be a strategic meeting and not delve into the day-to-day issues unless they are trending in a particular direction which needs further assessment.

QBRs provide the opportunity for you to hold your technology company accountable to their promises and to better plan for the next quarter and beyond. 


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