Tryst with SQLSaturday #482 – Nepal Chapter 2016

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Blog | May 5, 2016

Tryst with SQLSaturday #482 – Nepal Chapter 2016

TriCore employees have participated in earlier US chapters however it was for the first time that Satya Prakash, Associate Practice Manager at TriCore’s Gurgaon location office participated and presented this year. The event took place on March 26 at Kathmandu in Nepal.

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Intro to SQLSaturday:

SQLSaturday is one of the most sought after events for any SQL professional. The event provides a platform to all SQL experts to share their knowledge, experiences and key learnings around the complexities involved using SQL and how to approach them relating to the SQL technology. SQLSaturday has many chapters and is internationally evolved event. SQLSaturday is one of the various events organised under PASS.

PASS is an independent, not-for-profit organization run by and for the community. With a growing membership of more than 100,000, PASS supports data professionals throughout the world who use the Microsoft data platform. Its mission is to empower data professionals who leverage Microsoft technologies to connect, share, and learn through networking, knowledge sharing, and peer-based learning.

TriCore employees have participated in earlier US chapters however it was for the first time that Satya Prakash, Associate Practice Manager at TriCore’s Gurgaon location office participated and presented this year. The event took place on March 26 at Kathmandu in Nepal. I had the opportunity to interview Satya about his experience at this event.  Discussed below are some of the excerpts based on my interview with him.

Smriti: How were you able to participate in this year's event?

Satya: Though I was always keen to participate in this event, due to certain constraints I could not do so earlier. I had submitted an application and after nearly two weeks of anxiously waiting, I received a call from Mr Khanal, the chapter leader for Kathmandu, Nepal. I had to answer few questions as part of the initial screening process and in the next few days I got a confirmation email to participate as a speaker.  

Smriti: What was your topic and why did you opt for the same?

Satya: “SQL Server on Windows Cluster" was TriCore's topic for the session. I’ve seen that people are very good in managing SQL server instances but sometimes it becomes tough to troubleshoot SQL server clustered instances.

Even before installing a clustered SQL server instance, it requires good planning, certain resources and skills which are not exactly related with standalone instances installation.  In the session I spoke about required resources as a perquisite and validating cluster. Things to be remembered during installation, troubleshooting the cluster and the SQL instance. 

Smriti: How did the event go?

Satya: After reaching Kathmandu I got the biggest surprise that we would be a co-speaker along with Dmitri Korotkevitch, a SQL legend who has authored several books on SQL server. I was nervous about this surprising development. However, when the session kick-started things fell into place. It was a pleasure not only to present but to have an enthusiastic audience that asked questions on the topic post presentation. It was amazing to hear the crowd applause after I finished.

Smriti: How would you like to sum up your entire experience?

Satya: I would say that my level of confidence has gone up tremendously. It was good to meet global leaders and experts from the SQL community. There were other interesting sessions on other topics like Power BI that I attended as well. I feel that it is imperative to both participate and attend such events.   

Smriti: Any tips that you would like to give to your peers and team members?

Satya: Learning and knowledge sharing is essential in today’s time, more you share, more shall you learn. Our teams are technically sound and knowledgeable in their respective domains. They need to be more proactive and step out of their shells and be part of the larger IT community. I encourage my peers to read/write articles, blogs, join discussion forums and be active on social media. These are some of the ways to keep one updated about the new in technology.  

Smriti: What next?

Satya: TriCore SQL team is already involved in community events but PASS is really a big platform for us to go further and help the community. After returning from Nepal I searched for local PASS chapter in Delhi and nearby area, surprisingly I did not find any local PASS chapter so decided to start a PASS chapter in Delhi. Initially it was looking a tough task. I initiated a communication with PASS authorities and things went smoothly. There were some conditions we had to meet. With the help of community member we were able to meet the requirement and got authorised to run a local PASS chapter. website created for SQL Server community Delhi NCR local pass chapter.

It is the beginning, next step is to leverage TriCore SQL server experts to help community members with this platform.

Smriti: Final Message?

Satya: I am thankful to PASS (the biggest SQL server community) for organizing such events globally. I want to attend and keep myself involved with PASS events regularly. To join the community register yourself by clicking on the following link

Feel free to reach out to Satya Prakash by clicking below for any further information and questions. You can also leave a comment below. 

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