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Blog | Sep 28, 2016

TriCore's IT Trends, Talent and Outsourcing Survey: Are You Prepared for the Future, IT Leaders?

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What are companies’ most pressing IT needs? More importantly, what can they take on in house, and what are they looking to outsource?

2016 IT Trends Survey

Environments are more complex than ever, as companies move specific workloads to the public cloud while maintaining on premise infrastructure. It can seem daunting to update and optimize current systems while also planning ahead to integrate new platforms and applications. What must be prioritized? What can be postponed?

These questions and more are standard for IT leaders today; and the answers aren’t simple, nor are they black and white. To get to the bottom of what IT teams are up against, we’ve created a survey to get firsthand feedback.

By taking the survey, you’ll not only add your voice to our industry report which will be available next quarter, but you’ll also be taking the time to think through the state of your own IT department: its strengths, challenges and ultimately opportunities for advancement in 2017 and beyond.

We’re collecting responses as we speak, but to give you a preview of what we’ve seen so far, we’ll share a few interesting findings we’ve seen:

  • Of those surveyed to-date, only 45 percent are using public cloud currently
  • Managing costs and security are overwhelmingly the top two challenges companies face for day-to-day public cloud management
  • Solutions architects are the most difficult role to fill now, as well as expected to be in greatest need in the future (next 5 years)
  • Majority of respondents have less than 10 percent of their operations in the public cloud now, but 80 percent plan to migrate more in the next year
  • Applications and hosting infrastructure are the top outsourced IT services currently, and are expected to be the outsourced most in the future, as well

If you can relate to any of this data, you’re not alone. And we’re doing our part to provide recommendations to help your IT team be set up for success – present and future – by collecting this research to share with you.

Good news: you have until 5:00 pm ET on Monday, 10/3 to participate (and enter for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card, as well). What are you waiting for?
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