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Blog | Nov 12, 2014

Never Enough Testing

Posted by John Robbins

Any significant project like an Oracle 11i to R12.x upgrade starts as a daunting task for the project team and particularly the business users assigned to the project.  These team members often draw double duty to maintain their existing full time activities while also committing 25-50% of their time to an Oracle upgrade.  Attempting to understand their assignments and balancing their tasks can feel like an uphill marathon and generally leads to the common question “How much testing do we need to do on this project?”

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Blog | Nov 11, 2014

Some Uncommon Recovery Scenarios Explained – Tips for DBAs-Part 2

Posted by Soumya Guha Roy

Let’s start with the traditional approach and see how and why it fails to recover the corrupt block, and then we will find our way out.

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Blog | Nov 7, 2014

Some Uncommon Recovery Scenarios Explained – Tips for DBAs

Posted by Soumya Guha Roy

What do you do if some rows from a table in production get deleted. How to get them back? 

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Blog | Oct 31, 2014

Vacation Rules Are Not Just for Vacation Anymore!

Posted by Donna Martin

Did you know that the “Vacation Rule” functionality in Oracle is simply a method for automatically forwarding requests for approval from one recipient to another?  Similar to setting up an “out of office” email response, Oracle will forward requests for workflow approvals to another recipient as designated in the Vacation Rule.  

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Blog | Sep 22, 2014

Oracle Access Manager 11g with EBS R12– An overview

Posted by Amit Raghuvanshi

Oracle Access Manager (OAM) is a web access management system that provides a single, secure point of entry where a user’s identity can be verified and access to the enterprise resources can be managed. As a comprehensive identity management and access control system, it has simplified user access across different applications.

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Blog | Sep 2, 2014

What You Really Need to Know About Oracle Subledger Accounting?

Posted by Manoj Mishra

For most of our clients, the default six month rule works perfectly well as their business transactions fall within the six month window and they don’t have any problems.

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Blog | Jun 18, 2014

Considerations For The Switchovers of Oracle Databases using Data Guard (DG) Broker

Posted by Ravi Bhatia

In this blog we’ll discuss all of the considerations as well as detail the steps to perform the planned switchover between an Oracle 11g R2 Primary & the standby databases.

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Blog | May 22, 2014

Fix Unstable Plans by implementing Baselines

Posted by Ravi Bhatia

The issue we’ll discuss is related to one of the SQL Queries in a time sensitive ETL process taking hours to complete as compared to previous days with runtimes measured in minutes.

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Blog | May 20, 2014

Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 ADOP (AD Online Patching) – Behind the Scenes

Posted by Naveen Chadha

The inception of unified drivers was a valuable addition to an E-Business Suite patching technology. It provided some relief for the apps DBA community or any Oracle EBS managed services practice as patching was not only easier but comparatively less time consuming with unified drivers.

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Blog | Apr 16, 2014

EM CLI-Enterprise Manager functionality through text-based console

Posted by Dishant Nalwa

The first thing we think of when we hear of Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) is a web-based graphical interface (GUI), but a GUI is not the only way an OEM can be accessed.

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