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Blog | Feb 21, 2017

Sub-Ledger Accounting (SLA) in R12

Posted by Vinit Bhatnagar

The Subledger Accounting (SLA) was introduced in R12, this module sits between the Subledger and General Ledger Interface table, and provides the functionality of tweaking the standard accounting rules to produce the desired accounting data as per the business requirement.
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Blog | Jun 3, 2016

Oracle EBS R12.2.5 New Features

Posted by Shyamal Shah

Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2.5 has been around for a while now. If you are still using an older version, it is time to upgrade. Having the most up to date version of EBS guarantees that you are utilizing the latest and greatest features that Oracle has to offer. 

 E-Business Suite R12.2.5, Patch 19676458 with 9 Zip files with 4.3GB in total size.

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Blog | Feb 11, 2016

Oracle E-Biz R12.2 Key Features in R12.2.5, AD & TXK RUP 7

Posted by Narendra Dixit

A new 'dualfs' option is available when performing standard clones, as well as while adding a new node. With the 'dualfs' option, both the run and patch file systems are cloned and configured in a single operation.

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Blog | Aug 24, 2015

Reporting Currency Setup and Usage in R12

Posted by Ajay Bajpai

This blog will help readers understand the concept of reporting currency in an Oracle application. It will help both the end user as well as the implementation consultant of an Oracle Financials to fulfil the business reporting requirement across the globe of an organization dealing in multiple currencies.  
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Blog | May 13, 2015

R12 Trading Community Architecture (TCA): What is it and do I have to pay for it?

Posted by Harish Durgapal


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Blog | Sep 22, 2014

Oracle Access Manager 11g with EBS R12– An overview

Posted by Amit Raghuvanshi

Oracle Access Manager (OAM) is a web access management system that provides a single, secure point of entry where a user’s identity can be verified and access to the enterprise resources can be managed. As a comprehensive identity management and access control system, it has simplified user access across different applications.

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Blog | May 20, 2014

Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 ADOP (AD Online Patching) – Behind the Scenes

Posted by Naveen Chadha

The inception of unified drivers was a valuable addition to an E-Business Suite patching technology. It provided some relief for the apps DBA community or any Oracle EBS managed services practice as patching was not only easier but comparatively less time consuming with unified drivers.

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Blog | May 18, 2014

Oracle 11i Sustaining Support

Posted by John Robbins

For those companies still on Oracle eBusiness Suite 11i, time is running out to make a move to Release 12.   

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Blog | Feb 3, 2014

Learn E-Business Suite R12.2.3 Upgrade Steps from R12.2.2!!!

Posted by Shyamal Shah, Rajiv Jain, Anantha Sudaram

The first starting step for this would be to apply Patch 17204589 (17204589:12.2.0) on the Run File System before proceeding to the next steps if you haven't already applied Consolidated Seed Table Upgrade Patch 17204589 (17204589:12.2.0).

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Blog | Jan 31, 2014

Upgrade to E-Business Suite R12.2.2 from R12.2.0. Part III

Posted by Shyamal Shah, Rajiv Jain, Anantha Sudaram

During the upgrade you will notice the use of backslash at the end of each line. This has a significance and is used to divide each command across several screen lines for readability.

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