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Blog | Nov 11, 2016

AutoConfig Changes in 12.2

Posted by Brijesh Tiwari

In this blog I am going to explain new Autoconfig changes in the Oracle applications version 12.2 release as compared to the earlier EBS (12.1) release. Autoconfig extracts value from context and template files to generate the configuration files and also updates profile options into database.
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Blog | May 12, 2016

Troubleshooting EBS Java Applet Launch Error

Posted by Braj Pratap Singh

Java applet launching issues occur in large numbers for those users who have a 64 bit OS and are accessing the application through a VPN tunnel. While those who have 32 bit OS are less prone to face this issue regardless they are accessing through VPN tunnel or not.

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Blog | Feb 11, 2016

Oracle E-Biz R12.2 Key Features in R12.2.5, AD & TXK RUP 7

Posted by Narendra Dixit

A new 'dualfs' option is available when performing standard clones, as well as while adding a new node. With the 'dualfs' option, both the run and patch file systems are cloned and configured in a single operation.

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Blog | Jan 12, 2016

Using Outlook 365 for Workflow Notification Mailer

Posted by Shyamal Shah

The benefit we get here by moving away from Traditional SMTP/IMAP Server is to minimize In-house Exchange Overheads. It keeps you updated on the Critical Patches as well.

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Blog | Nov 5, 2015

Executing Custom Code Using Oracle Workflow Business Event System

Posted by Kalpit Sharma

The Oracle Workflow Business Event System is an application service that leverages the Oracle Advanced Queuing (AQ) infrastructure to communicate business events between systems. 

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Blog | Oct 21, 2015

Advanced Compression - Part 3

Posted by Soumya Guha Roy

It can be easily seen, that the compressed table saves almost 60% on blocks compared to the uncompressed table in practical scenarios, this depends on how the data is structured.

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Blog | Oct 20, 2015

Advanced Compression – Part 2

Posted by Soumya Guha Roy

One significant advantage is Oracle’s ability to read compressed blocks directly without having to first uncompress the block. Therefore, there is no measurable performance degradation for accessing compressed data.
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Blog | Sep 22, 2015

How to Customize a WebADI Template Layout?

Posted by Sunil Kumar

The web features of ADI allow you to leverage the internet computing architecture to the benefit of your organization. 

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Blog | Jun 27, 2014

Strategic SCM and Benefits of Optimization in a Service Industry

Posted by Manoj Mishra

In contrast, the service industries are often at a loss in describing the strategic and financial impact of superior supply chain management for their large strategic spend categories, such as IT services, legal services and consulting.

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Blog | May 30, 2014

Emerging Mobile Technologies in E-business Suite (EBS)

Posted by Braj Pratap Singh

Let’s continue the discussion about how EBS modules are supported on the Android/iPhones platforms. Keeping in mind that for Oracle the future lies in Fusion Middleware, and the newly emerged technology is ADF (Application Development Framework) Mobile.

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