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Blog | Sep 7, 2017

Load Testing Oracle Database: Some Insights

Posted by Maheedhar Pasupuleti

The Preparation Phase is pivotal to the whole Load testing exercise. More caution needs to be exercised in analysis and conclusion especially when the load testing system is not a 1:1 replica of PROD.

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Blog | Aug 18, 2017

Getting the Most out of Oracle BAS

Posted by Samantha Hoppe

Oracle  Business Application Support, or BAS, protects your Oracle investment by backing up your business users with Oracle-related business expertise. However, in order to take full advantage of that expertise, it's important to utilize BAS at every opportunity. Here we take a good look at how to get the most out of your BAS plan in order drive your Oracle-run enterprise to new heights.

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Blog | Jul 13, 2017

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Hyperion EPM

Posted by Vikram R Kosanam

We are really quite keen on Oracle's Hyperion, so we put together the following tips to show how you can use it to your advantage. Let's start with a few basics.

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management. This isn't another application package that's just nice to have. Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is a necessity in today's fast-paced, digital world. We are long past the time for hand-drawn spreadsheets or other manual processes that confine themselves to one department among several separate departments within an organization.

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Blog | Jun 29, 2017

OEM Agent 12c: Common Issues and Resolutions

Posted by Bakshish Singh

Enterprise Management (EM) agents is one of the most important component in OEM monitoring environment. The EM Agent is the only component/service which runs on a target machine and is solely responsible for collecting and uploading all monitoring metric data to OEM. This data then gets processed by OEM and a notification alert is generated according to the defined thresholds values.

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Blog | Jun 15, 2017

Tips to Take Advantage of the Kscope17 Conference

Posted by Samantha Hoppe

It's June, which means it's almost time for Kscope17, the popular Oracle Development Tools User Group conference! Kscope17 is the premier Oracle Developer conference that attracts Oracle experts from all over the world, but is still small enough to get the chance to share knowledge. The conference takes place over four days, June 25-29, in San Antonio, Texas. To help you prepare, we have some tips to help you take advantage of ODTUG's Kscope 17 Conference.

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Blog | May 25, 2017

Introduction to Oracle Agent Gold Image Feature

Posted by Kausik Das

Agent Gold Image has some impressive functionalities that can be utilized for better efficiency. This new feature also provides both convenience and improved functionality where users need not upgrade management agents using the Agent Upgrade Console, apply patches using Patch plans, manage plug-ins using the plug-in lifecycle application and so on.

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Blog | May 11, 2017

Oracle Virtual Directory – A View for Different LDAP Solutions

Posted by Amit Raghuvanshi

OVD helps in utilizing all of the existing LDAP solutions in a cost effective manner. It creates a view like structure, which does not require change in an existing layout of technologies being used in organization. It connects to diverse applications and databases without any trouble and is very easy to implement.

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Blog | Apr 25, 2017

Repair ASM Disk Header Corruption

Posted by Ramesh Kumar

Most of the data in the ASM disk header is of interest to that disk only. However, some information in the ASM disk header is relevant to the whole disk group and some is even relevant to the whole cluster and that’s why it is very important that the Oracle keeps a backup of the header in the same disk.

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Blog | Apr 19, 2017


Posted by Samantha Hoppe

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” -James Cash Penney 

Once again, COLLABORATE 17: Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle Community was an exciting week of education, networking and knowledge sharing. Thousands of Oracle users from across the globe gathered at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for the OAUG conference. We had a fantastic time meeting fellow attendees at the sessions, in the exhibit hall, presenting and at the happy hour events. TriCore has participated during COLLABORATE for a few years now, and there is always something new to learn. Here are a few of our favorite themes, pictures, and technical items from the conference this year.

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Blog | Apr 12, 2017

New Features of performance tuning in Oracle Database 12c Release (

Posted by Virat Choudhary

In force full database caching mode, Oracle Database caches the entire database in memory when the size of the database is smaller than the database buffer cache size. All data files, including NOCACHE LOBs and LOBS that use SecureFiles, are loaded into the buffer cache as they are being accessed.

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