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Blog | Dec 14, 2017

Intro to Virtual Private Databases (VPDs)

Posted by Harish Durgapal

Oracle VPD enables you to create security policies or group policies to control database access at the row and column level. It allows multiple users to access a single schema while preventing them from accessing data which is not relevant to them. VPD uses Fine-Grained Access Control to limit visibility of the data to the specific users. 
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Blog | Nov 22, 2017

Intro to Virtual Tape Libraries (VTLs)

Posted by Abhishek Chopra

VTL is more flexible, easy to manage, reliable, has lower latency, and enhanced performance that allows the disk integration of newer data encryption techniques. A virtual tape library emulates the tape drive and gives a feel of a physical tape. VTL combines the advantages of both real physical tapes and disks and delivers high speed backup with restore management in case of any loss.

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Blog | Jul 21, 2017

Intro to PostgreSQL Database

Posted by Atul Markan

Data migration is very easy to PostgreSQL or from PostgreSQL to any other database. With the extensive SQL support and migration tools, Postgres users can easily migrate their databases over to the Postgres database with little effort.

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Blog | Mar 3, 2017

Intro to Apache CASSANDRA (NoSQL Database)

Posted by Amit Kumar Bhatnagar

Apache Cassandra is a recognized fault-tolerance and linear scalability  database. It can accommodate any hardware or cloud infrastructure which makes this database the perfect platform for mission-critical data.
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Blog | Jan 31, 2017

Insight from Experts on the State of Application and Data Security

Posted by Pete Salamanca

Author: Peter Salamanca, V.P. of Infrastructure, TriCore Solutions

As we look back at last year, reflecting on the state of the IT industry, it’s clear that there’s still a long way to go before companies feel confident that their systems are protected. Where is application and data security headed, exactly? Tom Smith, research analyst and writer for DZone, was recently thinking the same. Over the past few months, Smith has been asking industry executives and experts (including myself) for their insight on all things application and data security. Recently, he compiled his findings into a comprehensive report on the topic. What did he discover?

Below, I’ve summarized the key findings – seven of the most important things to keep in mind to keep your applications and data secure:

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Blog | Dec 16, 2016

VLDB Performance Tuning Tale

Posted by Ravi Bhatia

Tuning very large databases, more commonly known as VLDB, has always been a challenging part of DBAs jobs. Delivering optimal performance for applications that access a VLDB is essential for the business. In this blog I will review common problems that impact VLDBs performance and will also cover a real world scenario demonstrating the challenge and our team’s solution.
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Blog | Nov 24, 2016

Recover Standby Database Using Service

Posted by Mukesh Kumar

Prior to 12c, we had to make the standby DB sync with the primary DB by taking an incremental backup from primary DB and applying the same in standby DB. This entire process was time consuming. In 12c, we now have a new feature Recover Standby Database Using Service, which simplifies the process greatly.
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Blog | Oct 4, 2016

RMAN ACTIVE Database Duplication

Posted by Rajpal Bhardwaj

Oracle Database 11g offers clone source DB without requiring backup. Prior to 11g you had to take physical backup on disk/tape, however now you can create a clone DB over the network without prior backup.
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Blog | Feb 23, 2016

How to Migrate Oracle Database from Solaris to Linux

Posted by Ravi Bhatia

Proprietary UNIX servers depreciate rapidly and they are often little of their original value after just a few years of usage due to their costs which varied from hundreds of thousands of dollars. Another reason is the increasing power of so-called commodity chips from Intel Corp & low-cost operating systems like Linux. 
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Blog | Nov 19, 2015

Special Case of Bi-Directional Replication Setup Part 2

Posted by Ravi Bhatia

In this part we will complete complete the Restoration & BI-Directional Streams Setup on the crashed Node.
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