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Blog | Aug 4, 2016

AWS Global Summit NYC is Around the Corner: 3 Trends to Take Note of Before Going

Posted by Kevin Carroll

By: Kevin Carroll, Director of Products & Solution Architecture

The AWS Summit NYC is right around the corner, being held in New York on August 10 – 11 at the Javits Center. If you’ve attended before, you know that’s it a great way to get educated on the latest updates to the AWS platform. As we get closer to the conference, now’s the perfect time to discuss some recent trends that you can expect will be front and center at the show. Need a quick reminder? Here are three trending topics surrounding AWS:

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Blog | Jun 9, 2016

5 Reasons You Should Switch to Cloud Computing Today

Posted by Carla Roddy

There has been a lot of talk about “the cloud” and the impact it is making on data storage in today’s business environment. The cloud allows IT departments to ditch their old, expensive hardware in exchange for reliable, secure storage. Although the benefits of switching to the cloud far exceed this list, take a look at the top five reasons that your business should switch to the cloud, today!

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Blog | Jun 3, 2016

Control Versions- The Git Way

Posted by Charu Gangal

Git is a distributed version control and source code management system, which emphasizes speed, efficiency and data integrity. It’s a free and an open source system.
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Blog | Mar 22, 2016

Change Management: Building a Case for Cloud-Based ERP

Posted by Gina Murphy

On a Mission to Move Your ERP to The Cloud?

If you're considering ways to improve your operations, remember to adopt C-L-O-U-D criteria: Whether you are working with SAP, Oracle or PeopleSoft, these five points can help you make your decision.

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Blog | Mar 2, 2016

Five Steps to Get the Most out of Your Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning System

Posted by Gina Murphy

Quite often, the out-of-the-box enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that organizations choose don’t scale, are difficult to reconfigure, and fail to address the changes to the business structure or regulatory environment. As such, moving from an on-premise ERP system to a cloud one typically makes sense for two reasons: First, the cloud system can add new functionality, such as data analytics, dashboards, invoice scanning, collaboration tools and automatic uploads of preferred supplier lists; and second, it can lower costs, thus freeing up the budget for other business priorities.

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Blog | Dec 10, 2015

Get the Most out of your Cloud ERP

Posted by Manoj Mishra

After deep analysis, companies often realize that they lack end-to-end digitalized processes because their ERP system doesn’t cover very specific tasks.

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Blog | Nov 14, 2015

What is Amazon Web Services?

Posted by Carla Roddy

TriCore Solutions is proud to be a Amazon Web Services partner. Earlier this month, we attended AWS re:Invent 2015, the largest conference focused on cloud computing. We gained a deeper knowledge of AWS services to more efficiently provide software solutions that are hosted on or integrated with the AWS platform for our clients.

You may have heard of Amazon Web Services before, but cloud computing can be a complicated concept to grasp. If you find yourself wondering "What is Amazon Web Services?", watch this video for a clear explanation.

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Blog | Sep 3, 2015

What is Cloud Computing?

Posted by Wade Walla

Everyone in the technology world is talking about it… and a lot of people in the business world are asking the same question, “What is cloud computing, and what does it mean for my business?”

Cloud computing platforms are growing in popularity, but why? What unique advantages does a cloud computing architecture offer to companies in today’s economic climate and what’s the impact on critically important areas to IT, like security, infrastructure investments, business application development, and more.

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Blog | Jul 16, 2014

11 Reasons why Resellers should Partner with MSPs for Application Cloud Deployment

Posted by Gina Murphy

Here are 11 Reasons Why Partnering with MSPs for Cloud Services Is a Win-Win. This article was originally posted in Channel Partners Magazine.

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