The Five Pillars of IT Service Excellence

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Blog | Jun 23, 2016

The Five Pillars of IT Service Excellence

A look ahead at what’s in store for TriCore Solutions’ customers and partners.Expert IT Service

It’s an exciting time for us at TriCore Solutions: this morning we officially welcomed to our team the members of the US division of G3G Worldwide.

With this acquisition, we’re signaling the company’s ongoing commitment to developing our SAP services, more than doubling this practice by extending our capabilities to include functional support, development and consulting services. Much like we pride ourselves on our end-to-end service offerings for Oracle E-Business Suite – a core tenet of our company that we built our foundation upon – we are equally committed to those of you who operate SAP solutions. With the latest skills and expanded talent to enable modern business, we’ve rounded out our team to bring our customers complete and best-in-class service.

Because it’s essential for businesses to evolve: we’re taking the latest industry developments and responding to the most in-demand IT needs, so that they can be translated  into results by bringing something new to the table. That’s our promise to you from TriCore Solutions, and today we’ve delivered on that promise in a big way.

Today’s news is about business enablement. It’s about bringing you the high touch elements needed in an increasingly complex, often hybrid environments. It’s about marrying technical support to business requirements. It’s about the ability for you to access a larger and deeper talent pool, reduce cost and mitigate vendor juggling while keeping your sanity in check.

The reality of today’s IT environment requires that managed service providers be skilled and agile, able to scale and able to take on new projects that stem from the foundational elements of infrastructure and enterprise application support. If you trust someone to handle the racks and engine, trust them to be at the ready when you need help configuring your latest business application to integrate within your existing architecture.

The Five Pillars of IT Service Excellence

All five pillars of IT support – infrastructure, database administration, technical support, functional/end-user support and development application support – work together in harmony to make IT run like a well-oiled machine. That’s why we’re investing in services to make outsourcing these capabilities seamless across the board.

Because we’ve championed the first three tiers of service in SAP, rooted by certifications that keep our processes sharp and our skillsets sharper still, we’re looking ahead to what’s next – and what we anticipate you’ll need down the line. To give you a better sense of our newly enhanced capabilities for SAP, we’ve outlined the five pillars of IT service for you:

Infrastructure: The foundation of IT, infrastructure management provides 24x7 service across networks, servers, storage, and security devices: keeping the wheels in motion while running your business on top of these systems.

Database Administration Support: It’s important to have someone on your side who knows the ins and outs of your database platform, managing interfaces, data movements and performance while ensuring an always available and stable enviroment.

Technical Support: No matter the environment, partnering with a provider who understands the complex nature of an enterprise ERP solution – and the tuning, maintenance and patching required – is essential to meet growing demands of the modern business.

Functional/End-User Support: This takes the human element of IT support to the next level – from optimization to desk support to training and education on the latest SAP developments.  Functional support not only ensures your users know how to make the most of what’s available to them, but also makes sure that users are getting the most amount value out of the functionality delivered from SAP and ultimately the most value out of the investment in the solution.

Development Application Support: The SAP HANA platform has changed the game for companies
undergoing digital transformation. With all of the new skills needed to adeptly manage applications on this platform, our team is more ready than ever to drive your business forward.

We couldn’t have asked for more qualified individuals to be joining our team; their skills complement our own, in ways that we’ve only just begun to realize. And that’s the true sign of teamwork: playing off of each other’s strengths, and in turn, imagining and delivering on a better outcome.

Thanks for celebrating this most recent milestone with us.


Mark_Clayman_AWS_re_Invent.pngMark Clayman
President & CEO of TriCore Solutions