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Blog | Jan 27, 2016

Tableau Partner Summit

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend the Tableau Summit in Austin, TX earlier this month. As a fairly new partner and a marketing person, it was an extremely informative event. We were invited to learn more about the inner workings of Tableau and meet the people who make it happen. 

For those of you who are not familiar with Tableau, they provide software that help users see and understand data. Tableau produces a family of interactive data visualization products focused on business intelligence.


Enjoying our first night in Austin with Tableau!

To open the summit, Tableau’s CEO Christian Chabot took the stage. He provided his point of view on messaging, BI, Data and Analytics.  He reviewed real use case studies where organizations and individuals are using self service BI to answer hard questions with the data they have.  In turn, those answers help to foster change. We met a School Administrator, an Architect and an Anesthesiologist, all using data to improve their business outcomes.

Christian Chabot (CEO of Tableau) presenting.

In finding out "Why Tableau?" - The answer included that Tableau has consistently outspent the competition in Research & Development. In the next two years they will invest more in R&D than all of the previous years of their existence.


What really unlocks the value for Tableau is their visualization. This is what truly differentiates them in the marketplace. Users can see and understand their data.  They are empowered to make decisions based on facts. Data is available to any user at any time.  Through the data assets, they are able to ask questions and get answers to solve business problems. The power is in the hands of the users. There is agility in their data – users can ask the same questions - but get different angles on the data. With Tableau, users can find, extract, refine, distribute and monetize data.


The Science of Data.

And, as a marketer, the resources they have available to their partner community are designed to ensure success. Tableau provides marketing materials to their partners focused around creating credibility and demonstrating expertise. They offer fact-based campaigns to drive leads and expand accounts.  They are designed to let the partner work with Tableau to form an anchor of credibility.


We are proud to have become a Tableau Partner in 2015! 


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As a Tableau Alliance partner, TriCore, together with Tableau helps you determine the right solution to fit your business’ data needs. As a Tableau’s Alliance partner, TriCore not only has experience implementing Tableau but also has deep industry expertise. We leverage our data integration, governance, and/or change management backgrounds to help you put in place and support a robust agile BI capability. TriCore works closely with Tableau when the fit is right for our clients.