SQL Server 2016 Installation Enhancements

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Blog | Jun 14, 2016

SQL Server 2016 Installation Enhancements

Every new version of SQL Server Microsoft is getting better and better with new features making it a better choice among other data platforms. With the new installation features installation is more configurable.

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the leading data platforms. Every new version of SQL Server Microsoft is getting better and better with new features making it a better choice among other data platforms. In the last Magic Quadrant report on operational database management systems for 2015 Gartner ranked SQL Server as the leading data platform. Refer http://bit.ly/1M2JRVT, http://tek.io/1HIypqM and http://gtnr.it/1TkDGOr links for getting more details about the Gartner report.

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SQL Server 2016 is bundled with enterprise level enriched features. You can leverage over the cloud or on premises depending on your requirement and setup.  It is really important for the corporates, organizations, stakeholders and techies to know about the new version and its practical usage when compared in terms of productivity, availability, security and cost. Discussed below are some of the new enhancements  

1) 32 bit version is discontinued: From SQL 2016 Microsoft stopped providing 32 bit version of SQL server. Although server components are no longer available for x86 processors but following client components (included in SQL server build) still support32 bit OS :

  • Data Quality Client
  • Client Tools Connectivity
  • Integration Services
  • Client Tools Backwards Compatibility
  • Client Tools SDK
  • Documentation Components
  • Distributed Replay Components
  • Distributed Replay Controller
  • Distributed Replay Client
  • SQL Client Connectivity SDK

2) SQL Server Management Studio installation separation: SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is no longer bundled with SQL server installation media. To install SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) you will have to download and install it separately. SSMS can be downloaded from https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt238290.aspx

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SQL server management
3) Free Developer Edition:
The good news is that you do not have to pay any license fee for using developer edition for SQL server 2016. Like Express edition installation you will get option to install developer edition during setup without any key.

SQL server setup 
4) Instant File Initialization setting during setup: As per best practice before running the setup SQL and agent service account should not have any permission on the server. SQL Server installation process automatically grants the minimum required permission to SQL and agent service account. Prior to SQL server 2016 there was no option available in SQL server installation process to grant “Volume Maintenance Task” privilege. For granting this privilege to service account we had to manually add the service account in “Volume Maintenance Task” privilege in group policy. In SQL 2016 this privilege can be easily granted by switching on checkbox “Grant Perform Volume Maintenance Task privilege to SQL Server Database Engine Service.”

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5) tempdb configuration during setup: Prior to SQL server 2016 only one tempdb data file path and file were specified during setup. Post SQL server installation we have to manually add more files as per the best practice. In SQL server 2016 setup, more than one tempdb data files can be created along with initial size and auto growth configurations. This option is very helpful for following tempdb best practices and sometime may avoid down time post installation. Prior SQL 2016, after installation SQL server service need recycle to set appropriate initial size and auto growth identical setting for all tempdb data files. 

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Conclusion: With the new installation features installation is more configurable. It will require less time and steps for post installation configuration. To some extent new installation features will help to reduce down time post installation. For any questions on the topic click below.

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Note: This blog was originally published on June 14th 2016.