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Blog | Dec 8, 2016

Showing Our Gratitude: Our Pledge to Continued Service Excellence

During the holiday season, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our success possible. It is in this spirit that we would like to show appreciation for humble beginnings, valued customers, and acknowledging our roots: how far we’ve come and the spirit of where we’re going in 2017. We began as an Oracle shop, championing the needs of Oracle users from RAC installations to PeopleSoft implementations to E-Business Suite reporting and everything in between. And though much has changed in 17 years, our commitment to Oracle has never wavered.

Showing Our Gratitude: Our Pledge to Continued Service Excellence

Because modern enterprises run on Oracle: It’s essential that as we continue to expand to support new platforms, we also grow to keep Oracle systems at their best. Whether across the entire company or within specific business units, Oracle continues to be a critical component of corporate operations today. As high as 97 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Oracle in some capacity – and because we realize its place at the table, we continue to invest resources to make our Oracle database management support capabilities stronger than ever. Recently, we announced the acquisition of Database Specialists, a thoughtful move to reinforce the important work we do to support continuous improvements to Oracle database environments for our customers.

As a managed service provider, it’s important for us to evolve as the market introduces new systems and applications to solve business problems and drive efficiencies for IT. So, in the past year, we’ve made a number of strategic acquisitions – three, to be exact – that help us do just that. From SAP to Oracle – and for the many companies what operate both – we’re making our team nimbler and more skilled to address anything that our customers may need. It’s what sets us apart, and it’s what prepares us for what the future holds.

We want to continue to optimize our monitoring and reporting so that you see what you need to so that you’re equipped to make the best decisions. We’re right next to you to flag unusual activity and to cull insights that will be of value to the business analyst as well as DBAs on staff. By folding in the talent at Database Specialists to our existing roster last quarter, for example, we added an invaluable tool to support our customers: its Database Rx service provides a unique lens into the health of your database systems.

And as Oracle looks to cloud to transform its offerings, we’re looking ahead to keep our skills fresh for the underlying foundation that keeps all other data across environments relevant and actionable to suit business purposes. We’re committed to innovation that will diversify our service offerings and continue to serve you well: because that’s at the core of what we do, here to support your IT teams no matter how quickly technology changes.

At TriCore, we’re grateful to support a growing team that is equally passionate about superior database management; one that eagerly tackles projects to navigate the increasingly complex IT space, overall.

As 2016 comes to a close, we wish you a happy holiday and a joyful New Year as we reflect on the many things we’re appreciative for this year – and always.

If you haven’t experienced our Oracle team in action, learn more about our Oracle managed services offerings here.