SharePoint‘s Social Networking Features

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Blog | Jul 15, 2016

SharePoint‘s Social Networking Features

Let’s look at why an internal social network is important and how SharePoint is a great tool for creating an internal social network.

SharePoint is a tool that is used for document management, web content management, and document collaboration. It is also used as a web portal and content search tool. However, very few people are aware about SharePoint’s social networking feature.

SharePoint’s internal social networking portal provides employees within an organization an opportunity to socialize with each other. It is a platform that allows employees to start a conversation, share pictures and documents, distribute tasks, manage user profiles, view organizational structure, etc. Let’s look at why an internal social network is important and how SharePoint is a great tool for creating an internal social network.


Why invest in SharePoint’s social networking portal?

Staying Connected: In today’s business environment where organizations are going global and giving freedom to their employees to operate from different locations, it is imperative that these employees stay connected to maintain smooth operations. In such a situation, SharePoint’s social networking tool comes in handy. The tool allows employees sitting in remote locations to connect with each other and initiate discussions on any topic of their interest be it work, current affairs or entertainment. It also helps employees to stay abreast of current happenings within an organization – such as new employees, work anniversaries, new partnerships, closed deals, etc.

Increasing Knowledge and Efficiency: The portal enables employees sitting at remote locations to collaborate on organizational tasks and brainstorm on different topics that may lead to productive and fruitful ideas. Employees can discuss not only work-related issues but also other topics to enhance their knowledge. This helps create a knowledge pool within an organization. Knowledge sharing is important as many great ideas stem from discussions that can help organizations in the long run. When employees are well connected and informed it creates a culture of collaboration that in time that helps in taking rapid actions to counter problems or to leverage an opportunity without losing out on time.

Seeking Solutions: Employees can discuss their challenges through the portal and brainstorm collectively on solutions. This gives them an opportunity to learn from others’ experiences, share their inputs, and get to know each other better as professionals.

Comparison between SharePoint’s internal social network and other internal social networking portals

SharePoint’s internal social portal has more features in comparison to other tools such as Lotus, Lync, Skype, Yammer and IM. These tools mainly focus on chatting or messaging, while SharePoint has a broad range of features.

SharePoint also has advantages over the other external social networking platforms mentioned as those platforms are prone to hacking. Hackers can hack your personal information that has been shared and use it for any wrong purposes. Unwanted and unknown users can see our profiles, pictures, and other content.

Features of SharePoint

Now let’s take look at various useful features of SharePoint’s social networking tools:

  • MySite: It is your own personal site where you get single document library to share and store documents. You can also share documents with other employees.
  • News feeds: You can get feeds and news from other web sites. These feeds provide updated and useful information.
  • About me: This helps in providing a brief intro about oneself.
  • BLOG: You can write your thoughts, learnings, and experiences in a blog for internal use. Such blogs help in keeping pace with the latest updates and best practices.
  • APPS: You can use SharePoint in-built apps in your profile sites such as documents library and list.
  • Tagging: You can tag people and encourage them to start a conversation. We all know a good conversation can result in a lot of information useful for an organization.
  • Target Audience: You can target a particular set of audience and hide the information from other teams.
  • Organization chart: You can display your organizational chart. It will be visible on every page of a user profile. 


Based on the features and benefits outlined above, you can easily understand the importance of an internal social networking tool like SharePoint. By using SharePoint you can stay connected and share thoughts in a more secure and an organized manner. For any questions on the topic, click below. You can also leave a comment in the field below. 

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