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Blog | Oct 20, 2016

Purchase Requisition Preferences

If you are entering multiple purchase requisitions in the same log-in session, and a lot of those requisitions have the same information – such as Need by Date, Currency, or Project Related Information, etc., you can use the Requisition Preferences to automatically populate this data into your requisition making entry a snap!  It’s as simple as entering the replicate data and saving it.

Here’s how:

1. Go to Tools -> Preferences


2. Enter the data which you want repeated each time you enter a new requisition or requisition line.



3. Select the Apply button to apply your defaults.

The preferences entered here will affect new lines entered after you select Apply until you exit the application and start a new Oracle session.

Inside your requisition, the details you supplied in your template will automatically populate for every new requisition/requisition line for as long as your session is active. 




To clear out the Preferences, simply log out of Oracle and log back in.


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