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Blog | Feb 22, 2017

The 8 Biggest Challenges Keeping CIOs Up At Night

Posted by Carla Roddy

According to Oracle CEO, Mark Hurd, the toughest job in corporate America is Chief Information Officer.  Oracle CIO, Mark Sunday, adds one important caveat:  CIOs, in part because of the mammoth new challenges they face, also have a tremendous opportunity to transform the businesses for whom they work:

“This is the most challenging time in history to be a CIO, because in order to survive, organizations need to embrace new technologies at an unparalleled pace. But by the same token, CIOs have never had a better opportunity to add value to their organizations—if they embrace the challenge.”

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Blog | Feb 21, 2017

Sub-Ledger Accounting (SLA) in R12

Posted by Vinit Bhatnagar

The Subledger Accounting (SLA) was introduced in R12, this module sits between the Subledger and General Ledger Interface table, and provides the functionality of tweaking the standard accounting rules to produce the desired accounting data as per the business requirement.
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Blog | Feb 17, 2017

Controlling Receipt of Serialized Items in RMA's

Posted by Donna Martin

Serial numbers are a one-to-one relationship in inventory.  You can only have ONE item number-serial number combination existing in Oracle.  Since there is no validation for revision, lot or serial numbers against inventory tables in Order management at the time the RMA is entered, it is difficult to control what is received.  Sometimes the serial number on the items returned by a customer could be different than what the return was intended for.  Oracle provides functionality to control what serial numbers are received into inventory against an RMA.  This is an excellent way to add control so you can keep your inventory balanced and your records straight.  This is especially helpful if product is consigned product, or if you are trying to tie the return to a warranty or specific Sales Order for credit purposes.

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Blog | Feb 15, 2017

Tips To Run Your System At Optimum Speed

Posted by Harsh Varma

Every day usage of laptops create many hidden temp files\Junk files or cache data which is not required. These files can add up as users generally do not clean it regularly. It is important to clean these files every day. Learn many such tips from our new blog.
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Blog | Feb 7, 2017

Oracle Database 12c – RMAN New Features

Posted by Puneet Vohra

Oracle Database 12c has introduced new enhancements and additions to the Recovery Manager (RMAN). The new features provide both convenience and improved functionality where users don’t need to switch between RMAN and SQL* Plus prompts during Backup & Recovery, Administration etc.
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Blog | Jan 31, 2017

Insight from Experts on the State of Application and Data Security

Posted by Pete Salamanca

Author: Peter Salamanca, V.P. of Infrastructure, TriCore Solutions

As we look back at last year, reflecting on the state of the IT industry, it’s clear that there’s still a long way to go before companies feel confident that their systems are protected. Where is application and data security headed, exactly? Tom Smith, research analyst and writer for DZone, was recently thinking the same. Over the past few months, Smith has been asking industry executives and experts (including myself) for their insight on all things application and data security. Recently, he compiled his findings into a comprehensive report on the topic. What did he discover?

Below, I’ve summarized the key findings – seven of the most important things to keep in mind to keep your applications and data secure:

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Blog | Jan 24, 2017

Oracle Purchasing: Restrict Creation of PO without A Requisition

Posted by Amit Garg

Sometimes Businesses do not allow a PO to be created manually. There are several ways through which we can restrict the creation of PO without a requisition in Oracle EBS. The blog discusses two different methods to achieve this goal.
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Blog | Jan 17, 2017

Rollback of OMS from 13c to 12c

Posted by Amit Kumar Srivastava

Post new technology upgrades in an environment, it is not easy to revert the changes without proper planning and can be daunting. However, with the above methodology you can best plan to revert changes with minimal impact. Oracle provides best service levels for traditional approach for cloud applications through business-driven monitoring application management.
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Blog | Dec 23, 2016

Helpful Tips for OBIEE

Posted by Kiran Bellam

Discover some useful OBIEE tips from Kiran Bellam. 
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Blog | Dec 16, 2016

VLDB Performance Tuning Tale

Posted by Ravi Bhatia

Tuning very large databases, more commonly known as VLDB, has always been a challenging part of DBAs jobs. Delivering optimal performance for applications that access a VLDB is essential for the business. In this blog I will review common problems that impact VLDBs performance and will also cover a real world scenario demonstrating the challenge and our team’s solution.
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