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Blog | May 5, 2016

Tryst with SQLSaturday #482 – Nepal Chapter 2016

Posted by Smriti Jain

TriCore employees have participated in earlier US chapters however it was for the first time that Satya Prakash, Associate Practice Manager at TriCore’s Gurgaon location office participated and presented this year. The event took place on March 26 at Kathmandu in Nepal.
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Blog | May 2, 2016

SharePoint 2016 Upgrade - It's Time to Start Getting Ready

Posted by Alan Markey

A new version of SharePoint is soon to be released, SharePoint 2016.  There are many, many new features based upon feedback from the global SharePoint community of users.  Several of the new features were first developed and tested in SharePoint Online (part of the Office 365 offering from Microsoft), which is the opposite testing approach of all prior SharePoint releases (in days gone by, SharePoint on-premises first received the new features and then those new features were deployed to SharePoint Online)

To make the upcoming SharePoint release even more special and memorable, Microsoft has announced that the official SharePoint 2016 release date of May 4, 2016 will coincide with Star Wars Day around the world (“May the 4th be with you”).

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Blog | Apr 28, 2016

Take Advantage of This Tool for a SAP SOX Audit Compliance Issue.

Posted by Judy Thompson

Have you ever run up against a SAP Sox Audit Compliance issue? Working closely with both external and internal auditors to identify areas in SAP Security needing compliance can be time consuming and daunting. Documenting the procedures, controls and policies are important for the company that is being audited and is a substantial effort for both functional and technical SAP resources.

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Blog | Apr 26, 2016

MongoDB: The Latest Features-Replication

Posted by Ankur Raina

In MongoDB, Replication serves for high availability and redundancy of the database by keeping the same copy of data across several replica sets.
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Blog | Apr 19, 2016

TriCore’s Approach in Managing & Improving Vendor Management

Posted by Prashant Sharma

A vendor management model is designed to manage third party suppliers thereby ensuring that a continuous, accurate, timely and quality services are being provided as per the agreed service levels for your Managed Applications & services.
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Blog | Apr 13, 2016

MongoDB: The Latest Features

Posted by Ankur Raina

Wikipedia says that MongoDB is world’s fourth most popular database after Oracle, MySQL and MS-SQL (which have been in the market for more than 20 to 30 years) and the first most popular database for document stores.

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Blog | Apr 8, 2016

How to Have Purchase Documents Approved When the Approver is on Unplanned Vacation?

Posted by Suneetha Krishnapathruni

The ‘Forward Documents’ feature helps to manage purchase documents and keep them moving through the approval hierarchy to procure the required material/services for the organization. Saving time and reducing any inconvenience.

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Blog | Apr 1, 2016

FNDLOAD – The Generic Loader

Posted by Harish Durgapal

FNDLOAD is an Oracle utility that allows for the transfer of a wide range of Oracle Foundation (FND) data from one instance to the other.

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Blog | Mar 22, 2016

Change Management: Building a Case for Cloud-Based ERP

Posted by Gina Murphy

On a Mission to Move Your ERP to The Cloud?

If you're considering ways to improve your operations, remember to adopt C-L-O-U-D criteria: Whether you are working with SAP, Oracle or PeopleSoft, these five points can help you make your decision.

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Blog | Mar 15, 2016

Oracle Mobile Application Framework Use Cases

Posted by Braj Pratap Singh

Oracle Mobile Application Framework, also known as MAF, is a solution that enables you to create mobile applications that run natively on both iOS and Android phones and tablets. A few months ago, we published a blog called " Transitioning to Mobile Application Framework" which introduced  the core design principles and various features of the Oracle Mobile Application Framework. (Click here to read our first MAF blog.) We discussed the MAF architecture and building blocks, but what use cases is the following framework being implemented in?
Braj Singh is back to go over some real world features and examples of MAF in action. These are the features of Mobile Application Framework and its use cases where it can be implemented in.

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