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Blog | Oct 20, 2016

Purchase Requisition Preferences

Posted by Donna Martin

If you are entering multiple purchase requisitions in the same log-in session, and a lot of those requisitions have the same information – such as Need by Date, Currency, or Project Related Information, etc., you can use the Requisition Preferences to automatically populate this data into your requisition making entry a snap!  It’s as simple as entering the replicate data and saving it.

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Blog | Oct 18, 2016

Exadata Disk Layers and Architecture

Posted by Jay Pathak

Exadata has a different disk structure in comparison to a normal database disk and it can often confuse the Oracle DBAs when they start working on Exadata. In Exadata, there are four layers of disks I will discuss each one of them in this blog.
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Blog | Oct 14, 2016

Going Above and Beyond: An Example of a Happy SAP Compliance Client

Posted by Judy Thompson

The Background: SAP Security Best Practice

SAP Best Practices for SAP Security encourage the PRODUCTION systems to keep only Security roles that are used for executing job duties in that system. SAP Roles that are provided during an ‘Upgrade’ or a new installation are to be copied and re-named with the customer’s naming convention.

SAP's recommendation is to copy the standard roles into your own name space and make modifications to the copies as needed”

The standard roles need only exist in the DEV system. This would be the ‘BASE’ to copy the Standard roles needed by the Business, and re-name those roles and modify them to the business needs. This also would be a ‘START’ since later on customized roles can be created based on the usage for a group of users over a period of time.

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Blog | Oct 13, 2016

TriCore Takes on Oracle OpenWorld 2016: Key Learnings From the Show by Pragati Gupta

Posted by Pragati Gupta

TriCore’s technical team just came back from another informative, fun and well organized Oracle OpenWorld conference held in San Francisco. Here are some key takeaways to keep in mind.

Of course, the key theme of the conference was Oracle’s advancements in the cloud. Larry Ellison’s keynote was as educational as it was entertaining: apart from some funny digs at AWS and the fact that he doesn’t have certain privileges as CTO that he did as CEO (like smaller water bottles and no tech support during presentations), he noted how Oracle’s competitors are now radically different from who they used to be.

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Blog | Oct 4, 2016

RMAN ACTIVE Database Duplication

Posted by Rajpal Bhardwaj

Oracle Database 11g offers clone source DB without requiring backup. Prior to 11g you had to take physical backup on disk/tape, however now you can create a clone DB over the network without prior backup.
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Blog | Sep 29, 2016

Key Takeaways from SAP TechEd 2016

Posted by Judy Thompson

SAP TechEd 2016 recently occurred from September 19 – 23 and I had the pleasure of attending the event’s 20th anniversary in Las Vegas. As mentioned in my previous blog post, SAP TechEd is known for being extremely informative and all-around educational. This year in particular did not disappoint!

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Blog | Sep 28, 2016

TriCore's IT Trends, Talent and Outsourcing Survey: Are You Prepared for the Future, IT Leaders?

Posted by Carla Roddy

DBA. Developer. Network Engineer. BI Support. Help Desk.

What are companies’ most pressing IT needs? More importantly, what can they take on in house, and what are they looking to outsource?

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Blog | Sep 19, 2016

All Things Oracle: Trends to be on the Lookout for at OpenWorld

Posted by Kevin Carroll

Another year has come and gone, and Oracle OpenWorld is here again. It’s an exciting time for us with numerous other industry events to attend in Q3 and Q4 – and that gives us extra reason to keep tabs on the pulse of the industry.

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Blog | Sep 19, 2016

Oracle 12c Flex ASM Architecture & Benefits

Posted by Akshay Kumar

Prior to 12c release, every node in the cluster use to run the ASM instance and if ASM instance failed on any node, then the database would become unavailable on that node. Let’s see how things are different with ASM.
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Blog | Sep 12, 2016


Posted by Amit Kumar Bhatnagar

The new feature in Oracle 12c has the capability to restore a single table or a single partition of a partitioned table from a RMAN backup via the RECOVER TABLE command. Prior to 12c restoring a table, fixing this was a long drawn out and a difficult task.

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