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Blog | Jun 29, 2015

Oracle Tip #9 - Deriving Expenditure Item Supplier Invoice Items

During the next few weeks, TriCore Solutions will be posting helpful tips about Oracle eBS. The following tip helps explain deriving expenditure item supplier invoice items in Projects.

Thank you to Srini Nakka, TriCore Solutions, Senior Practice Manager, for submitting this Oracle eBS tip.

Deriving Expenditure Item Supplier Invoice Items

Oracle Tip #9 - Deriving Expenditure Item Supplier Invoice Items in Projects

How does Oracle Projects determine the default expenditure date for project-related Supplier Invoice Items?

A profile option PA: Default Expenditure Item Date Source for Supplier Costs is used to determine the default expenditure item date for supplier invoice distribution lines. This profile option derives the item expenditure date during the invoice match process, and when you enter unmatched invoices.

The default expenditure date is derived when the concurrent process PRC: Interface Supplier Costs is submitted to interface project-related supplier costs into Oracle Projects from Oracle Payables.

For the transactions that are rejected during the validation and interfacing to Oracle Projects, the default expenditure item date can be updated for invoice distribution lines on the Invoice Workbench in Oracle Payables. Additionally, you can to update the expenditure item date using the Review Transactions window within Oracle Projects.


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