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Blog | Jun 23, 2015

Oracle Tip #7 - Professional Buyer's Work Center

Over the next few weeks, TriCore Solutions will be posting a tip every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday about Oracle eBS. Tip #7 is great for procurement buyers because it covers the power of the Professional Buyer's Work Center.

This tip is from Don Houle, TriCore Solutions, Director, Oracle Professional Services.

Professional Buyer's Network

Oracle Tip #7 - Professional Buyer's Work Center

Attention all Procurement buyers! Have you discovered the power of the Professional Buyer's Work Center?

Released in Procurement 12.0, the Professional Buyer Work Center (PBWC) is a web based interface that provides a central 'launch pad' from which you can efficiently perform your daily tasks, including:

    1. You can manage your requisitions and create them to Purchase Orders (like manual autocreate).

    2. Create new standard purchase orders, blanket purchase agreements, or contract purchase agreements.

    3. Create and maintain supplier information.

    4. If Oracle Sourcing is licensed and implemented, you can create buyer's auctions or sourcing RFQs all from the same HTML Page.

    5. If Oracle Services Procurement is licensed and implemented you can create and maintain purchase orders for complex work payments.

    6. If Oracle Procurement Contracts is licensed and implemented you can handle author contract terms and manage deliverables.

 Professional Buyer's Work Center

(View the PBWC User Guide)


Globally for the Professional Buyer’s Work Center (PBWC):

  1. You can create and personalize your own document views including list of columns, where conditions and sort sequences.

  2. You can additionally use predefined document views.


The PBWC is accessed from the Purchasing responsibility. The Buyer Work Center has links to launch to the areas you want to access.


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