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Blog | Jun 18, 2015

Oracle Tip #6 - R12 Payment Process

Over the next few weeks, TriCore Solutions will be posting tips about Oracle eBS.  This tip about the r12 payment process is from Murahari Bharthepude, TriCore Solutions, Senior Consultant.

r12 Payment Process

Oracle Tip #6 - R12 Payment Process

The R12 payment process creates each line for each Remittance (Invoice)

If the Payment batch selected 1000 Remittances, Payment Process creates 1000 lines.

The R12 Check template creates a number of Overflow checks based on the number of Remittances per page setup value.

r12 Payment Process

Some of the clients don’t want to see so many VOID checks; they just want to print one check with a summary line.


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