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Blog | Sep 20, 2015

Oracle Tip #30  - Document Navigator

 Welcome to tip #30 in our Oracle series! We have been sharing advice and insights from experts  about Oracle EBS to help make your life a little easier. New to the series? Click here to start with tip #1. Thank you to Steve Derivan for sharing this time saving trick.

In this tip, learn how to expedite Oracle navigation with Document Navigator.

Oracle Document Navigator

Oracle Tip #30 -  Expedite Navigation with Document Navigator

Tired of navigating back and forth to a document you’re working on? Need to refer to an Invoice or PO for trouble shooting or modifications?

Open the PO or Invoice and select "Place on Navigator" from your tool bar.

(Image from "How Oracle EBS" blog by Piotr Belter)

Your document will be placed there and act as a ZOOM to get you right back to the document. From the Main Menu, click on DOCUMENTS and you will see all your documents.

Additionally, you can rename, organize and “clean up” your document names for further enhancements. Save steps while navigating!

Stay tuned for our upcoming Oracle tips ebook.

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