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Blog | Aug 31, 2015

Oracle Tip #28 - Summary Forms

Welcome to TriCore's Oracle tip series! We asked our Oracle experts to share their favorite shortcuts, advice, features, and insights about E-Business Suite. If you are new to the series, start with tip #1 here. In this tip, learn about the quick sorting feature on Oracle Summary Forms.

Thank you to Steve Derivan, VP Oracle Practice, for submitting this tip.

Summary Forms

Oracle Tip #28 - Summary Form

If you open a summary form and don’t like the way it is sorted you can usually sort on the first three fields.

You can use Folder Tools to move a field to one of those positions to help sort.

To learn more about Folder Tools in EBS, check out the  Learn to Love the Folders blog post from The Feature

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To sort you can either:

 Double click on the column header

or go to Folder > Sort Data.


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