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Blog | Jul 30, 2015

Oracle Tip #22 - Scoring Customers for Collections

During the summer, TriCore Solutions will be posting tips about Oracle E-Business Suite. Learn about scoring for customer collections below.

Thank you to TriCore's Srini Nakka, Senior Practice Manager, for the tip. 

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Oracle Tip #22 - Scoring Customers for Collections

Scoring in Oracle Advanced Collections is another robust feature that forms the foundation of businesses collections activities. Oracle Advanced Collections uses scoring in two ways:

  1. To determine transaction status: Current, Delinquent, and Pre-delinquent. When scoring transactions, Advanced Collections looks at transactions from Oracle Receivables, including invoices, debit memos, and chargebacks; lease invoices originating in Oracle Lease Management; or loans invoices originating in Oracle Loans. In general, if a customer has delinquent transactions, the customer is considered to be delinquent

  2. To determine the value of each customer: When scoring to assign customer value, you can use any data point about the customer. Typically you run customer value scoring at an operational data level (customer, account, bill to, or delinquency).

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