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Blog | Jun 10, 2015

Oracle Tip #2 - Switching From Data Entry Mode to Query Mode

Over the summer, TriCore Solutions will be posting a tip every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday about Oracle eBS. Read on to learn how to easily switch from Data Entry Mode to Query Mode.

This tip comes from Don Houle, TriCore Solutions, Director, Oracle Professional Services.

Tip #2 - Switching From Data Entry Mode to Query Mode

Using your function keys, you can switch the form from data entry mode to query mode.

The F11 key will switch you to query mode (you will notice the fields will turn blue). You can then enter your search criteria. After you have entered your search criteria, you can use the Control and the F11 keys at the same time to execute your query.

F11 = Enter Query mode.

Ctrl+F11 = Execute Query.


Using the menu, you can also enter query mode.

Under the View menu, you will find the Query by Example sub-menu.

Under this sub-menu, you can:

Use the “Enter” menu to switch from data entry mode to query mode

Use the “Run" menu to execute the query.


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