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Blog | Jul 23, 2015

Oracle Tip #19 - Purchase vs Internal Requisitions

Over the next few weeks, TriCore Solutions will be posting helpful tips about Oracle eBS. Continue reading to learn the difference between Purchase Requisitions and Internal Requisitions.

Purchase vs Internal Requisitions Oracle

Oracle Tip #19 - Purchase vs Internal Requisitions

What’s the difference in Oracle?

Use the Requisitions window to create requisitions. You must choose the requisition type (internal or purchase). You can also provide a description, unlimited notes, and defaults for requisition lines.

For each requisition line, you choose the item you want to order along with the quantity and delivery location. You can get sourced pricing from catalog quotations or open blanket purchase agreements.

You can also choose a price from a list of historical purchase order prices. In the Distributions window, you can charge the item to the appropriate accounts, or you can let the Account Generator create the accounts for you. Once you complete the requisition, you send it through the approval process

Purchase Requisitions are supplied from purchase orders. They are picked up when you Auto-Create RFQs or purchase orders. They can be assigned to a buyer in the Assign Requisitions window.

Purchase Requisitions

Internal Requisitions are supplied from internal sales orders. Internal requisitions are not picked up when you Auto-Create RFQs or purchase orders, nor can they be assigned to a buyer in the Assign Requisitions window.


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