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Blog | Jul 14, 2015

Oracle Tip #15 - Leveraging Data Transfer Consolidation in GCS

Over the summer, TriCore Solutions will be posting helpful tips about Oracle eBS. The 15th tip is about Leveraging Data Transfer Consolidation in GCS.

Thank you to TriCore's Srini Nakka, Senior Practice Manager, for submitting!

Leveraging Data Transfer Consolidation in GCS

Oracle Tip #15 - Leveraging Data Transfer Consolidation in GCS

Do you have your financial data spread across multiple ledgers that do not share the same chart of accounts and accounting calendar combination, or the ledgers are on separate instances?

Then consider using the Global Consolidation System within Oracle General Ledger to consolidate results!

You can leverage a proven methodology called "Data Transfer Consolidation" in Global Consolidation System. DTC methodology is used to move your financial data from diverse ledgers and data sources into a single consolidation parent ledger.

You can then report on and analyze consolidated financial information from this consolidated ledger. Use the Global Consolidation System in situations where you need to physically move the data to a consolidated location rather than simply report off multiple ledgers in a set. Global Consolidation System is the traditional consolidation methodology in Oracle Financials. The Global Consolidation System imports in the form of balances and journal level vouchers, and appropriate accounts from the trial balances of subsidiary ledgers.

Leveraging Data Transfer Consolidation in GCS

(Image via Oracle General Ledger User's Guide)


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