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Blog | Jul 9, 2015

Oracle Tip #13 - Empowering Collection Agents

Over the summer, TriCore Solutions will be posting a tips about Oracle eBS. Help your collection agents increase productivity with tip #13.

Thank you to Srini Nakka, TriCore's Senior Practice Manager, for submitting this tip!

Oracle Advanced Collections.

Oracle Tip #13 - Empowering Collection Agents

Are your collection agents wasting time collecting the data trying to remember which customer to call or follow up?

E-Business Suite has an answer for you - explore Oracle Advanced Collections.

Among numerous advanced features, Oracle Advanced Collections provides a robust feature called Universal Work Queue (UWQ). UWQ provides a high-level list of all actionable work assigned to or owned by a collections agent. In UWQ, the work is automatically populated on this screen as part of the automated collections management flow provided by Oracle Advanced Collections. Hence, Collections agents save their time and effort in finding work or remembering follow ups to be taken for various customers.

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