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Blog | Jul 1, 2015

Oracle Tip #10 - Stay Up-to-date With Your Inventory Patches by Using the Patch Wizard

Over the summer, TriCore Solutions will be posting a tip every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday about Oracle eBS. In this tip, Don Houle teaches us to stay up-to-date with your inventory patches by using the Patch Wizard.


Oracle Tip #10 - Stay Up-to-date With Your Inventory Patches by Using the Patch Wizard

I'm sure all EBS Inventory Customers can relate. There's one question all Customers hear repeatedly from Supply Chain professionals and Engineers: Are you patched to the most recent file version(s)?

There's a good reason why you hear this question over-and-over. Support Engineers know for Customers to get the most out of their Inventory investment, it's critical that they avoid known issues by being patched up to the most recent Product patches available. One key tool for keeping up with the most recent recommended patches for all EBS Products is the Patch Wizard.

 Patch Wizard

The Patch Wizard is an interface that analyzes and compares patches currently applied in your instance to the patches included in the Recommended Patch List (RPL). It allows you to set your execution preferences, then performs impact analysis, and allows easy download of the patches you decide to apply. And to top it off, the Patch Wizard can easily be accessed from the Oracle Applications Manager menu using the System Administrator Responsibility.

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