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Blog | Jun 3, 2016

Oracle EBS R12.2.5 New Features

Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2.5 has been around for a while now. If you are still using an older version, it is time to upgrade. Having the most up to date version of EBS guarantees that you are utilizing the latest and greatest features that Oracle has to offer. 

 E-Business Suite R12.2.5, Patch 19676458 with 9 Zip files with 4.3GB in total size.

Oracle EBS

Preliminary Pre-Requirements for R12.2.5 Upgrade

  • Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.5 Release Update Pack requires Fusion Middleware Technology Stack (FMW) (11gR1 PS6) or higher.
  • Apply the Latest AD and TXK Delta Release Update Packs
  • Minimum RDBMS Version is or Higher

New and Changed Features of Oracle Application DBA and Technology Stack (TXK)

Enhanced adop user interface

Category Description Parmameters
Changed UI The UI of the adop utility has been significantly enhanced, to display more selective information on the console. Messages, prompts and other elements have also been extensively refined to increase the ease of use of the various patching commands. Dependent on operation


New adop monitoring and validation features

Category Description Parameters
New Features Progress of an online patching cycle can be followed by running the new Online Patching Monitoring utility (adopmon). This utility can be used to follow the overall progress of a patching cycle, as well as identifying the various individual adop actions being taken. $ adopmon
Before you start a new patching cycle by running the prepare phase, you can optionally check your system's readiness by running adop with the 'validate' option. If you do this while a patching cycle is in progress, validation will take place for the cutover phase. $ adop -validate


Support for new EBS Installation Central Inventory

Category Description Parameters
New Feature Support for an instance-specific EBS Installation Central Inventory has been introduced as an option for the application tier on UNIX platforms. The inventory is identified by <s_base>/oraInventory/oraInst.loc. This feature is useful where multiple Oracle E-Business Suite installations exist on the same host, helping to avoid issues when fs_clone is run simultaneously on different instances. To use the EBS Installation Central Inventory, all application tier Oracle Homes registered in the global inventory for the instance must be migrated to the new inventory. Not applicable


Oracle WebLogic Server performance improvements

Category Desciption Parameters
New Options A new -DserverType=wlx start argument for managed servers reduces their memory footprint, by preventing startup of the Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), Java EE Connector Architecture (JCA), and Java Message Service (JMS) services.


To reduce oacore startup time, the Portlet Producer libraries are no longer deployed to the EBS domain. A new context variable,s_deploy_portlet, has been introduced to cater for cases where portlet-related configuration is required, such as in instances needing Webcenter integration. s_deploy_portlet
New Mode The default value of s_forms-c4wsstatus is now set to 'Disabled'.Thus, the formsc4-ws servers are no longer started during a 'start all' operation. s_forms-c4wsstatus

New 'dualfs' option in standard cloning

Category Description Parameters
New Option A new 'dualfs' option is available when performing a standard clone, as well as while adding a new node. With the 'dualfs' option, both the run and patch file systems are cloned and configured in a single operation. dualfs

The following products are obsolete in Release 12.2.5:

Oracle Demand Planning
Oracle Manufacturing Scheduling

12.2 Online Patching Known Issues

To avoid the possibility of data inconsistencies, certain Oracle E-Business Suite product functions are currently not available while an online patching cycle is in progress.

The following table provides a full list of affected applications and functions:

Application Affected Functions
  • Users will not be able to define Fast Formulas or use the Fast Formula Assistant.
  • Users will not be able to create, update, or delete US Cities. Users will, however, be able to use the City form for all operations, unless the patch being applied updates City-related data: the form will be unavailable only when the patch delivers or modifies City-related data.
  • Pension Calculation Setup cannot be used.
  • US localization earnings and deduction setup cannot be used.
Quick Paint Reports cannot be used.
Incentive Compensation
  • Transaction collection process for new mappings will not be available and any changed mapping will continue to use previous mapping rules.
  • Users will not be able to run the "Synchronize Classification Rulesets" program.
  • Users will not be able to use the "Formula Generation" feature.
Users will not be able to specify new formulas or changes to compensation rules.

If you try to run such an unavailable function, you will receive an error as follows:

"This feature is not available during online patching. Please wait until the current online patch has completed and then try again."

Note 1983050.1, 12.2.5 Readme
Note 2050998.1, Application DBA and TXK Release note

Thank you for reading! I hope you found this information helpful. If you have any questions about upgrading, please comment below or contact us and TriCore will be more than happy to help you.

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