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Blog | Oct 11, 2017

Oracle OpenWorld 2017 in a Nutshell

This year's OpenWorld was fully focused on Automation, planning for Oracle 18c which will be the First Self-Driving Database using Machine Learning. Although we are no strangers to Oracle's annual San Francisco conference, this was our first year attending as Rackspace. The conference was filled with educational sessions, networking, innovative ideas and exciting announcements. Below are some of the exciting takeaways and updates announced at #OOW17.

OOW17 Outside.jpgoow17 party.jpgoow17 tent.jpg

Oracle Big Announcements:

  • Oracle announced Oracle 18c Autonomous Oracle Database
    • Automate to Cyber defense
    • Patch/Update/Backup itself
    • World's First 100% Self Driving Database
    • Fully Automate Oracle Database and Partially Automate Cyber Security (Heading towards full automation)
    • Planned release date Dec 2017 for Data Warehouse
    • Planned release date June 2018 for OLTP
  • Oracle is still actively investing in E-Business Suite product and good for at least 10 years
  • Oracle In Memory provides major performance benefits, including:
    • Less Memory Traffic
    • Decompression on-the-fly
  • 12cR2 Improvements:
    • Object names for users, roles, tables, columns, indexes, constraints, etc. have been increased from 30 bytes to 128 bytes with few limitations
    • In memory Virtual Columns
    • You can have 4096 PDBs (earlier limit was 252 PDBs)
    • Dynamically resize the INMEMORY_SIZE while the system is running (Make sure you have enough memory available in SGA/MEMORY_TARGET)
  • Multitenant Lockdown Profile for PDBs
    • Connect to the CDB as root
    • Create lockdown profiles
    • Add required restrictions or limits
    • Assign lockdown profile to a PDB

OOW17 Cloud.jpg

Oracle Cloud News for EBS:

  • Oracle supports variety of E-Business Suite Cloud services (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure)
  • Lift and Shift in Cloud
  • Move Disaster recovery instance in cloud
  • Move NonPROD, Demo Instances in cloud
    • Reduced Cost
    • Reduced Risk
    • Increased Agility

EBS R12.2 Updates:

  • E-Business Suite 12.2.7 released with various new features
  • Oracle EBS personalization improvement in 12.2.7
  • Latest Oracle UI Look and Feel
  • Smartphone Applications 22 exists as of now for various modules
    • EBS 12.1.3 and 12.2
    • iOS and Android
    • No additional costs for licensed users of base products
    • Built with Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF)
    • Support for standards-based Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
    • REST APIs for custom mobile app development
  • Oracle introduced new products as part of 12.2
  • Browser independent applet Java Web Start from JRE 8 Update 141 and above
  • EBS Analyzers, Non-Intrusive
    • Identify and provide solutions for known issues
    • Provide health checks and recommend actions
    • Act as a data collector
    • Requested by Support (Automation) when logging Service Requests
  • Premier Support Through:
    • Release 12.1: Dec 2021 <-- EBS R12.1.3 with Recommended Patch Collection
    • Release 12.2: Sep 2023
    • Release 12.X: At least 2030 (minimum 10 years)
  • Oracle Flow Builder: EBS Pre-Built Test Content (Starter Pack and Advance Pack - EBS R12.13 and R12.2.4+)
  • As of AD-TXK Delta 6, forms-c4ws is disabled and can be ignored

Security News/Tips:

  • Security configuration enhancements with introduction of Secure Configuration Console, performs 23 Secure configuration checks
    • Responsibility Functional Administrator to use Secure Configuration Console
    • Backport to Oracle EBS R12.1.3 with Patch 26090737
    • Acknowledgement screen will be visible to accept security holes if found any post patching for Sysadmin
  • Strongly recommends migrating to TLS 1.2
  • Use of SEPS (Secure External password store) via Oracle Wallet to store credentials instead storing in Plain Text within Monitoring or Backup scripts

oow17 ybca-1.jpg

EBS Run and Patch/Maintain News/Tips:

  • Update all components for your EBS Environment
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
    • Release Upgrade
    • Release Update Pack (RUP, Latest 12.2.7)
    • Family Pack
    • Recommended Patch Collections (RPCs) for R12.1.3 (Latest 12.1.3 RPC5)
    • Recommended Patch Wizard
    • Recommended Performance Patches
  • Technology Stack
    • Desktop Client (JWS, JRE, Latest Java 8 Update 144)
    • Application Tier (JDK, Developer, OHS, OAS, WLS)
    • Database
  • Security Patches
    • Latest CPU/PSU/DBBP
  • Daylight Savings Patches
  • Minimum Requirements for Support

Upgrade News/Tips:

  • Customization should be reviewed carefully prior to R12.2 Upgrade from 11i/R12.1
  • 2 Development Standards for Custom Code
    • Minimal
      • Required, minimal set of standards must be met for custom code to run correctly on 12.2
    • Full
      • Optional, additional standards must be met for custom code to be Online Patchable
    • Flow Builder
      • Optimized solution for Automating EBS testing
    • Pre-Upgrade Prep work for smooth Upgrade
      • Remove TDE from high volume tables (For the duration of upgrade)
      • Review and disable all debug or logging; do this at all levels (Site, Responsibilities, user etc.)
      • Purge all old data that is no longer needed prior to the upgrade
      • Flush all interfaces, such as Auto Invoice, Journal Entry Import, Order import etc.
      • Drop MRC Schema if it still exists
      • Convert to OATM
      • Convert to Multi-Org
      • Use No-Archive log if possible
      • Disable Flashback DB
      • Disable Auditing
      • Gather CBO Stats
      • Gather dictionary and Fixed Stats
      • Maximize SGA and PGA Sizing
      • Implement HugePages if possible
      • Review Init Parameter File
      • Shutdown other RAC instances

 OOW17 outside 2.jpgoow17 display.jpg

Technical Roadmap: (Work Under Progress, without Exact Date)

  • Rumor has it, EBS Release 12.3 would be released end of 2018 with advance feature
  • Mobile App
    • Push notifications for more Apps
    • Simplify app configuration through EMM
    • Customer-driven enhancements

OpenWorld is one of the most important business and technology conferences, and this year was no exception. Oracle's annual conference shows that the company has no intention of letting AWS have all of the cloud computing glory. We are excited to use all of the knowledge we gathered during the event to help our customers drive their business forward. Now that we are apart of the Rackspace family, we can deliver our signature managed application expertise with fanatical support. 

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