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Blog | May 27, 2015

Is it Time to Outsource Business Analytics?

Business Intelligence isn't always a priority and a managed service provider that specializes in business intelligence can help you.

Outsourse Business AnalyticsBusiness Analytics can help you gather data to improve your business performance. The insight you gain will help executives make more efficient business decisions to improve customer acquisition and retention, assess risk, reduce operational costs, or track key financial indicators. 

However, with all the other initiatives companies have in progress, getting support for your BI program isn’t always easy. It is often not a priority and companies frequently lack the skill set needed to conduct a full business intelligence assessment. One option is to outsource your business analytics program to a highly experienced managed service provider that has a proven track record.

A managed service provider that specializes in business intelligence can help you understand critical areas throughout the organization that can benefit from an ongoing program and assess whether or not your organization is ready administratively and technically to support a program. An assessment can help you:

  • Determine which BI projects will return the most significant value, then help you prioritize
  • Determine technical feasibility within the current data architecture, then reassess the priority of known BI projects
  • Determine what BI platform support will be required to meet current and future needs (assessing front end, back end, meta data, data architecture, tech architecture, program management, etc)
  • Determine the gap between current and future state
  • Build a BI roadmap including:
    • Critical Business Strategy and BI Project Priority
    • Current and Future State Gap Project Delivery Method & Approach
    • Project Scope and Project Requirements Definition
    • Tasks, Task Dependency, Effort, Resources, Delivery, Risk, Constraints, etc.
    • Communicate the vision and strategy to stakeholders

If you don’t have the expertise in house to conduct a BI program assessment, you need take action. You can outsource business analytics to a highly experienced services provider that can become a trusted partner. To learn more, download our white paper titled 8 Questions You Should Ask Before Investing in Business Analytics.


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