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Blog | Mar 15, 2017

How to Build Your IT Dream Team


Buzzer-beaters, Cinderella stories and unlikely heroes: March Madness is here. As we dive into the 2017 NCAA Tournament, it has us thinking about the IT dream team needed to address today’s infrastructure demands.  What players are necessary? Who is your MVP? How can you build your IT dream team with expertise for both private and public cloud? Perhaps outsourcing could be your best offense to support your hybrid cloud strategy.

We know what it takes to build good teams at TriCore Solutions. No one skillset trumps the other as team members work together to keep hybrid cloud infrastructure humming. Yet whether you hire yourself or work with a trusted partner, here’s who we’d put in the lineup:

  1. Networking Maverick: A tried-and-true teammate, they’ll handle the network for private cloud infrastructure, while understanding network design and DMZ base for public cloud environments like AWS.
  2. Security Expert: Public cloud offers security tools that can be built upon, and security experts know when to deploy IPS intrusion prevention systems on top of IDS intrusion detection systems to stop DoS attacks in their tracks. This includes dual factor authentication for an additional layer of security on the web.
  3. Server and Storage Guru: This teammate has sophisticated knowledge of one or multiple operating systems and servers that house them, as well as the back-ups required to build redundancy. Managing utilization like CPU and memory help drive underlying efficiency across infrastructure, making the decision to deploy hybrid cloud supported by service improvements. Business continuity is essential to digital business, and having hybrid cloud provides new options to protect your data across environments. Defense is the best offense, so they’ll make sure you’re covered.
  4. Application Database Prodigy: Installing and monitoring applications and databases ensures businesses have what they need at their fingertips to make things happen. With data running fluidly from cloud-based applications, ensuring data can be collected properly and that everything runs as it should with necessary updates is paramount.
  5. Developer Dynamo: The new all-star in town is the developer, as the public cloud requires a completely different skillset than traditional rack-and-stack infrastructure supports. All things web development runs through them, making sure you’re building on the cloud with ease.

It’s clear many skills are needed to create a deep IT bench for successful hybrid cloud deployment and management, and with public cloud in particular having a strong developer in the mix is the lynchpin for success.


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Editor's Note: This blog was originally published in April 2016 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.