Getting the Most out of Oracle BAS

Written by Samantha Hoppe | Aug 18, 2017

Oracle  Business Application Support, or BAS, protects your Oracle investment by backing up your business users with Oracle-related business expertise. However, in order to take full advantage of that expertise, it's important to utilize BAS at every opportunity. Here we take a good look at how to get the most out of your BAS plan in order drive your Oracle-run enterprise to new heights.

Reminding your business users: BAS is there for them

One of the best ways to make full use of your Oracle BAS plan is to periodically remind your business teams that the BAS service is always there for them. They can think of BAS as a key member of the team, an Oracle expert down the hall with all the answers to their Oracle-related questions. Remind them that BAS goes far beyond tech support to encompass advice on how to use their Oracle software to take their business performance to the next level.

BAS: Unlocking the power of Oracle

There are dozens of world class, business-enhancing features and capacities in your Oracle ERP solution that your business users may not be using. In most cases, they may simply not know about those features. In other cases, your business users may know about them, but have no idea how to use them. If they did, then they could unlock the full power of their Oracle software. Better data would drive quicker, more accurate business decisions, consistently leading to greater gains. At the same time, key business processes would run faster, saving that much more time and money across the entire enterprise.

A point of comparison

Imagine it is twenty years ago and your business teams are all using the new advanced email software you installed company-wide. However, they aren't sure how to forward an email; how to copy others with the cc field; or how to add an attachment. They see the icons, fields and buttons for those key features every day. Yet they don't realize how much time they could be saving themselves, and the company as a whole, if they understood and used them. Furthermore, suppose they aren't sure who to ask about those features. So they just continue to restrict their usage and knowledge to reply and send while letting the full power of the advanced email software you've given them pass them by.

Today, in 2017, a company that has invested in an Oracle ERP solution may find themselves in a similar situation, but with the power and scope of their business-enhancing software. However, thanks to BAS, your business users can more easily leverage not only the basic, but the intermediate and advanced features of your investment. All you need to do is encourage them to always ask what their Oracle software can do for them. In some cases, your business teams may just need a simple reminder that BAS is always there to call upon, 24x7x365. 

Key data for an important business meeting

For example, suppose one of your business teams has an important meeting coming up. To prepare, they need some key business-related data, but they don't know how to extract it through their Oracle software. In such a situation, Business Application Support is there to help them at a high level in real-time. We can assure you that if there's a way to get that data with your Oracle software, our Oracle experts will know exactly how to do it, and soon so will your business team on their way to their meeting. 

Utilizing your Oracle solution to the fullest extent

In order to get the most out of BAS, and your Oracle investment, be sure to remind your business users that BAS is always there for them, and for far more than tech support. If your business users aren't using key Oracle features for lack of knowledge, it's a bit like having email twenty years ago and not using the copy, forward or attachment features, but on a much larger scale. The result is an enormous missed business opportunity. Yet BAS is there to ensure that you don't miss that opportunity. When your business teams need Oracle-related business knowledge, such as how to extract key data for a critical business meeting, they can count on us every time. All they need to do is remember that BAS stands ready to serve them with industry-leading Oracle business expertise, answers and advice at all hours.

With TriCore’s BAS offering, your IT department can offer a quick response to your business users while still focusing on strategic initiatives. TriCore’s BAS is a fully outsourced or add on service designed to address business support.