Emerging Mobile Technologies in E-business Suite (EBS)

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Blog | May 30, 2014

Emerging Mobile Technologies in E-business Suite (EBS)

Let’s continue the discussion about how EBS modules are supported on the Android/iPhones platforms. Keeping in mind that for Oracle the future lies in Fusion Middleware, and the newly emerged technology is ADF (Application Development Framework) Mobile.



Let’s continue the discussion about how EBS modules are supported on the Android/iPhones platforms. The OAF uses UIX (User Interface XML) which is able to render pages on iPhone and Android devices. The pages are compatible with these devices in the same manner as they are with browsers like Firefox, Chrome and IE to name a few, but with some restrictions like no support for Java Script, Partial Page Rendering (PPR) and file upload features. One can use the emulator for testing and deployment of the code in the middle tier.

Emerging Mobile Technologies in EBS: Keeping in mind that for Oracle the future lies in Fusion Middleware, and the newly emerged technology is ADF (Application Development Framework) Mobile. To put it simply, ADF is the successor of OAF and is based on the same architecture as its predecessor. By using ADF, one can develop and deploy independent mobile applications. As such, there are some criteria to think of while choosing a mobile technology.

The selection of the technology depends on features required in an application. For screen tailoring and business logic changes to the Oracle seeded self service pages, one can go with OAF.

The following features can become the base for an OAF selection:

1.) Use of FlexFields
2.) A similar look and feel for an EBS application
3.) A self service page personalization feature

ADF Can Be Used For:

1.) Building an independent mobile application
2.) Embedding ADF pages within OAF pages
3.) Using multiple channel rich user interfaces

By embedding ADF pages within OAF pages, one gets access to OAF as well as the rich user interface features specific to ADF on the same screen.

Let’s Understand More About ADF Mobile:

ADF mobile technology is a dedicated mobile application that facilitates creating applications that can contain different types of content running on both iOS and Android platforms. It arms the developer to use a uniform style of user preferences by providing a secure application feature used to authenticate end users. It determines if access to an application requires user authentication and renders a login page accordingly.

ADF Mobile Application Development:

ADF mobile development provides the flexibility to create a mobile application that can embed features from a mobile device which is of a different make or from a different development team.The ADF Mobile Developer provides application templates with basic files that automatically take care of the project organization process and the required configuration files. The adfmf-application.xml configuration file is used to set the basic configuration of an application.

Application Life Cycle:

The lifecycle of an ADF Mobile application is operated by events which are raised at different levels of ADF Mobile, JVM and a Mobile device operating system. The application’s response on these events is enabled by LifeCycleListener methods. LifeCycleListener is a java interface that provides methods to listen to events that occur during an ADF mobile activity.

The picture below depicts the elements comprising the ADF Mobile runtime architecture:

Image Source: (Mobile Developer's Guide for Oracle Application Development Framework 11g Release 2 (

Deployment of ADF mobile Applications provides an iOS application bundle (.ipa file) or Android application package file (.apk) to deploy on a simulator or any testing device. This ensures that an application can be tested before releasing it for its target enviroment.


This technology allows one to use an updated application with an existing system without modification, allowing users to connect to an Oracle system to manage and access information on their mobile devices. It is the best answer for developers looking to create a cross device mobile application.

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