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Blog | Nov 3, 2015

Divestitures & Your IT Services Provider

In her epic novel Frankenstein, Mary Shelley describes change as a somewhat unpleasant experience – "Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change."

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At TriCore Solutions, change, and managing it, rests at the core of our Divestiture Services. Recently, we’ve seen an uptick in the amount of "change" being driven from an expanding global business environment. Divestitures across industries, markets and geographies, are becoming a more common strategic business driver.

Presently, TriCore Solutions is the primary IT service provider managing the IT track of two very large Divestiture Projects. Additionally, we are leading early planning sessions in support of several upcoming divestitures. While these are strategic business driven projects Vis a Vis Information Technology driven projects, your IT Services Provider plays a key role in the divestiture process and will greatly contribute to the successful enablement of your divestiture.

Companies expanding or contracting are coming to depend on TriCore Solutions for planning and execution of complex divestitures. Based on our experience and a focus of Divestiture as a Service (DaaS), across our Lines of Business, we have successfully and methodically managed complex changes across a variety of changing business landscapes.

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The complexity of a divestiture, as it relates to IT, is obvious when you think about it. Over the past 25 years or so, IT Service Providers, Software Product Companies, Middleware Technology Partners, Mobile Apps etc., have had a primary development objective of bringing business processes, data and systems together. All too often, many a CIO presentation is riddled with buzzwords and catchphrases such as; synergy, streamline, consolidate, create operational efficiencies, etc. Divestitures change this narrative. We now see; unwind, break away, sell off, parse out, split, purge - UGH! See the shift? Are you beginning to sweat?

No need to, with our vast and varied expertise, TriCore Solutions specializes in making the complex easy. Give us a call. Remember a divestiture is not business as usual and when failure is not an option, choosing the RIGHT IT Services Provider is one of the critical success factors.

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See first-hand how TriCore helped Cole Parmer with their IT Divestiture - click below to get the case study.

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About the Author

Steve Derivan has spent 20-plus years working in Information Technology. He has held senior leadership roles across industry and IT Services companies. As Vice President of Professional Services for TriCore Solutions, Steve leads a team of US and Offshore based consultants focused on supporting and delivering Oracle Application and Technology services. You can contact him at: sderivan@tricoresolutions.com

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