Controlling Receipt of Serialized Items in RMA's

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Blog | Feb 17, 2017

Controlling Receipt of Serialized Items in RMA's

Serial numbers are a one-to-one relationship in inventory.  You can only have ONE item number-serial number combination existing in Oracle.  Since there is no validation for revision, lot or serial numbers against inventory tables in Order management at the time the RMA is entered, it is difficult to control what is received.  Sometimes the serial number on the items returned by a customer could be different than what the return was intended for.  Oracle provides functionality to control what serial numbers are received into inventory against an RMA.  This is an excellent way to add control so you can keep your inventory balanced and your records straight.  This is especially helpful if product is consigned product, or if you are trying to tie the return to a warranty or specific Sales Order for credit purposes.

The process is simple.  In the Purchasing Responsibility > Setup > Organizations > Receiving Options.

Controlling Serialized Items in RMA.jpg

Selecting this option will allow you to specify the serial numbers when you are entering a return order.

After your order line is entered and you’ve identified it as a return order, go to Actions -> Return Lot and Serial Numbers. The Return Line Lot/Serial Numbers form will populate the screen.  Enter the applicable information and click OK.

Controlling Serialized Items in RMA 2.png


In Receiving, the item will be received in by the Receiving Department when it arrives.  During the Deliver process, the RMA is processed and transferred to inventory.  It is at this point when the user will be restricted to enter only the Lot/Serial numbers identified on the Sales Order.

Controlling Serialized Items in RMA 3.png


If the Serial number that was physically received does not equal the Serial Number shown in the table, the deliver transaction cannot be completed and the wrong serial number will not be transferred into inventory. 

The RMA Order can be updated to reflect the correct Serial Number.  However, by having this control in place the wrong serial number cannot be received against the RMA.

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