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Blog | Oct 25, 2016

BO Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Pack (DCP)

In SAP Business Objects latest version 4.1, the Deski (Desktop Intelligence) feature is no longer available and in its place a new feature called Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Pack (DCP) has been introduced.

In SAP Business Objects latest version 4.1, the Desktop Intelligence (Deski) feature is no longer available and in its place a new feature called Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Pack (DCP) has been introduced.

In the earlier version of Deski you would need to convert into Webi first and then migrate to next version (3.1 to 4.1). Now, when you use DCP the Deski reports can be viewed directly in Webi (BI Launch) and need not be converted. In addition, features like Page breaks, countallall function, footerbreaks and some attributes of table formatting were not earlier available when you were converting Deski reports to Webi reports. However, with DCP we have overcome this limitation and the user can make use of all these features directly while viewing the Deski reports in Webi.

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The above picture depicts an example of how we use DCP to directly view the Deski report in 4.1. If you are not using DCP then you need to convert Deski to Webi first and then need to migrate report using upgrade manager.

The “Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Pack” (DCP) is delivered in Fix Pack (FP) 6.1 which is to be installed over Desktop Intelligence XI 3.x SP6 desktop product. When installed, it will allow the Desktop Intelligence reports, users, universes and database connections to be managed by the BI 4.1 platform. 

Below are the steps to view the Deski reports in Webi: 

  • Deski documents should be moved to BI 4.1 using Upgrade Management Tool (UMT) 4.1. 
  • DCP enables SAP BusinessObjects XI3.x SP6 Desktop Intelligence Clients that have FixPack 6.1+ installed to connect to a BI4.1 CMS.
  • Deski documents will be listed in the Central Management Console (CMC) for administrative purposes ONLY
  • Users can view Deski report output in the BI Launchpad and CMC which are in agnostic output format (.pdf/.xls/.txt/.rtf) 

To schedule these reports the SAP Business Objects Enterprise 3.x Fix Pack 6.1 + Desktop client has to be installed. This introduces a Light Schedule functionality which will use the windows scheduling functionality.

Requirements for DCP

To enable the Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Pack the following requirements must be met: 

  • The Client machines should be running Windows. 
  • Desktop Intelligence Client needs to be running XI3.x SP6 FixPack 6.1 or higher. 
  • x server needs to be running BI4.1 SP3 or higher. 
  • Upgrade Management Tool from BI 4.x should be used to migrate Desktop Intelligence Reports into the BI4.1 CMS OR manually export Desktop Intelligence documents to the BI4.1 CMS using a DCP enabled Desktop Intelligence Client.

Limitations of DCP

With the removal of Desktop Intelligence from the BI4.x product line, several limitations are of importance: 

  • Desktop Intelligence Clients not patched up to XI3.x SP6 and FixPack 6.1 cannot work with DCP.
  • DCP allows to connect to BI4.1 only, NOT BI4.0.
  • Desktop Intelligence reports will not be visible for users when connecting to the BI Launchpad of BI4.1.
  • Desktop Intelligence reports will only be listed in the CMC for administrative purposes.
  • Scheduling of Desktop Intelligence reports cannot take place on the BI4.1 server. The schedules will be moved to the client and leverage windows scheduler features for scheduling.
  • DCP can only be deployed while running Windows 7 SP1 as the scheduling feature of DCP leverages.


DCP is one of the new feature that helps to save time and effort, especially when upgrading projects like BO 3.1\2.1 to 4.1. It provides features such as formats, additional functions etc. that supports Desk Top Intelligence and is also a time saver when carrying out User Acceptance Testing as these are existing reports which do not require further testing. For any queries on the topic click below: 

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