AWS Global Summit NYC is Around the Corner: 3 Trends to Take Note Before Going

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Blog | Aug 4, 2016

AWS Global Summit NYC is Around the Corner: 3 Trends to Take Note of Before Going

By: Kevin Carroll, Director of Products & Solution Architecture

The AWS Summit NYC is right around the corner, being held in New York on August 10 – 11 at the Javits Center. If you’ve attended before, you know that’s it a great way to get educated on the latest updates to the AWS platform. As we get closer to the conference, now’s the perfect time to discuss some recent trends that you can expect will be front and center at the show. Need a quick reminder? Here are three trending topics surrounding AWS:

Cloud Trends

1. Serverless Computing

Servers aren’t going anywhere, despite what the name “serverless” might imply. But serverless computing will enable developers to do more with less manual involvement: and this event-driven application design and deployment plans to take on some of the burden of day-to-day tasks. The goal of serverless computing is to have developers write code so that a platform like AWS can then run it. By leveraging serverless computing, developers can minimize their infrastructure concerns while focusing solely on executing code, reducing developer workloads and the overall cost of running an application. Keep in mind that developers will have less control with serverless computing, which is why it’s still worth weighing your options and not making hasty decisions when exploring its potential benefits to your business.


2. The Platform Economy

The rise of the Platform Economy has changed the way humans interact: with each other and with technology. As a growing sensation, this trend shows not only how IT services have transformed, but also how the economy is reorganizing as preferences shift. All of this reflects the power of the social network. Take AirBnB, for example: the more people who join, the greater the value of the network to the customer, snowballing into more and more growth and success. Companies can reimagine their business model through use of the cloud; and though platforms aren’t a new invention, they are evolving to incorporate things like transactions and innovation - putting an even bigger emphasis on having a global state of internet connectivity. C-level professionals need to really start thinking about how the Platform Economy is going to affect their business - and the potential that can stem from this new way of thinking. One way to start prepping is to bring IT into your corporate strategy decisions and process. Your IT department has the ability to seek out new opportunities and focus on new business: with them involved, the department can really go “all in” and embrace the Platform Economy.Cloud Computing


3. Cloud Computing

It’s not old news at AWS Summit: cloud computing is really moving into its prime. Gartner recently reported that cloud computing would be worth $111 billion in IT spending and that number will most likely double to $216 billion by 2020. In fact, a recent article in Forbes noted that cloud computing will be “one of the most disruptive forces of IT spending” since the beginning of the computing era.  Organizations are now reassessing their IT architecture and operating philosophy in order to adapt to next-gen IT solutions and other opportunities like IoT. As mentioned in the Forbes article, AWS got a head start on public cloud adoption back in 2006, and 10 years later we are really seeing the benefits of that decision: which is why it’s simply too risky to wait when it comes to developments in cloud computing.


If you’re as eager as we are to explore all things AWS, we hope we’ll see you at next week’s event. Swing by our Post Summit Mixer with REAN Cloud on August 11: click here for more details. Be sure to stop by and say hello at booth 135! Looking ahead, TriCore will also be attending AWS re:Invent this fall in Las Vegas. Let’s connect on public cloud trends at these upcoming industry events: we’d love to hear what’s on your mind.