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Blog | Sep 19, 2016

All Things Oracle: Trends to be on the Lookout for at OpenWorld

Another year has come and gone, and Oracle OpenWorld is here again. It’s an exciting time for us with numerous other industry events to attend in Q3 and Q4 – and that gives us extra reason to keep tabs on the pulse of the industry.

Oracle OpenWorld

Having laid our foundation in Oracle best practices, it’s important for all of us to stay fresh on software updates, innovation and new skillsets required to successfully manage Oracle environments. But it doesn’t stop there: because of the proliferation of new platforms, applications and public cloud offerings, we need to know about how Oracle integrates with other systems and fits into increasingly complex infrastructure. Does it play nice? What is in store next for Oracle users? How can Oracle systems keep up-to-date amidst changing data regulations and processes?

Those of us who plan to attend OpenWorld expect many questions to be answered, and many new questions to arise. What are we planning to note while there? We’ve got a few ideas:

  • PaaS proliferation and reimagining applications

According to this Forbes research roundup, spending on public cloud Infrastructure as a Service in 2016 is forecast to reach $38B; SaaS and PaaS spending are expected to be $12B of this expenditure (more than 30 percent). And with managed services projected to reach $256B by 2018, we need to be sure that we’re equipped with the latest developments to ensure success for our customers – and future customers – when preparing to sustain the impact of digital transformation and migration to the cloud occurring now. From swapping notes on Java to building better mobile strategies, cloud computing is top of mind. We’ll be checking in on what groups and resources Oracle has to share so that we can help businesses run smarter with their data in the cloud.

  • What’s next for the Oracle with NetSuite on board

Oracle’s acquisition of NetSuite in July has the industry abuzz with questions: how will this impact Oracle’s current cloud capabilities? Will there be consolidation? How will business units respond? Will business models shift as cloud-based capabilities grow? This could affect a lot for Oracle service providers. And with cloud as only 8 percent of Oracle’s current revenue, we’ll be curious to see what we can expect for future innovation based on new possibilities with NetSuite talent and back-office specialties.

  • Keeping systems humming with database appliances

Databases may not be the sexiest element of IT management to everyone, but we happen to think they’re pretty great – and that’s why we’re so good at our jobs here at TriCore. Storage, latency and CPUs, as well as database consolidation are all topics on the table, as we exchange ideas with other industry experts on how best to handle the volume of data moving within enterprises today.

These thoughts just skim the surface as far as what ideas will be bouncing around at Oracle OpenWorld. We’ll be closely watching for updates that will impact our business and yours, from E-Business Suite best practices (check out this awesome new Oracle EBS blog, as well) to Middleware management techniques and all things cloud, we’ll be like a sponge for everything headed our way. Will you be attending? I’d love to connect with you. Drop me a line if you’ll be there!

If you’re interested in learning more about TriCore’s Oracle capabilities, download our whitepaper.

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