5 Reasons to Switch to Cloud Computing

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Blog | Jun 9, 2016

5 Reasons You Should Switch to Cloud Computing Today

There has been a lot of talk about “the cloud” and the impact it is making on data storage in today’s business environment. The cloud allows IT departments to ditch their old, expensive hardware in exchange for reliable, secure storage. Although the benefits of switching to the cloud far exceed this list, take a look at the top five reasons that your business should switch to the cloud, today!


1) Saving Big $

Cloud_Computing_Save_Money.pngGone are the days of investing in massive servers to house important information for your business. In addition to saving on disk and storage space, the cloud allows you to eliminate buying, installing and constantly upgrading expensive software. You can also save big because the cloud allows you to choose how much storage space you really need, rather than paying for predetermined amounts of server space that you may or may not ever use.

2) Simple Setup and Maintenance

Cloud_Computing_Simple-2.pngBy moving data into the cloud, information can go live within minutes and can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. Since the cloud does most maintenance for you, IT staff will no longer be burdened with the task of fixing bugs, maintaining servers, or updating software. The cloud also eliminates the need to waste valuable office space with bulky equipment.

3) Security

Cloud_Computing_Secure.pngOne of the greatest myths associated with the cloud is that it won’t protect your sensitive information. However, storing data in the cloud is typically more secure than local storage. Data is encrypted, ensuring that only authorized users can access the files.


4) Ease of Use

Sharing information is easier than ever once you’re on the cloud. With just a fewCloud_Computing_Ease.png clicks, you can access any data and send the files to their destination quickly. The cloud also allows employees to access data from anywhere, as long as there’s an internet connection. Information will no longer be stuck in the massive server in your office - in the cloud, it’s accessible and sharable.

5) Recovery and Protection

Cloud_Computing_Protection.pngThe cloud serves as a security blanket for your files because it is stored electronically, rather than physically in an office that may be susceptible to natural or human disasters. In the event that your sensitive, irreplaceable files are destroyed, backups can be accessed from your cloud server almost immediately.


Making the switch to the cloud is a no brainer, especially when you bring in professionals to do the heavy lifting for you, and help you with the transition through 24/7 support at no additional charge. Check out TriCore Solutions to see why switching to the cloud is the best decision for the long term protection of your business’s data.

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