3 Key Benefits of Winshuttle

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Blog | Sep 15, 2017

3 Key Benefits of Winshuttle

Winshuttle is an outstanding suite of tools for getting the most out of your SAP data. There are at least three key benefits that speak directly to what Winshuttle can do for your organization. First, Winshuttle accelerates data movement in and out of SAP by simplifying and automating an otherwise slow, manual, IT-intensive task. Second, Winshuttle greatly improves data integrity, saving time and money otherwise lost to critical data errors. Third, Winshuttle streamlines data processes, empowering teams to easily create custom workflows to optimize key data and business processes without relying on the IT department.

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1. Faster Processes

One of the greatest benefits of Winshuttle is accelerated data movement. As the Winshuttle name implies, the software quickly and automatically shuttles data in and out of SAP. Chances are, your organization needs to manually move data (often with the help of IT staff and custom coding) in and out of SAP on a regular basis. This can be a time-consuming and tedious manual task, stretching out for weeks. But Winshuttle can get it done automatically and accurately with the simplicity of Excel, and in just a few hours. Whether its master data, reporting data or transactional data that you need to get in and out of SAP, try Winshuttle Studio with its self-service tools that eliminate the need for custom coding.

Onboarding is also easier with Winshuttle. This sophisticated SAP accelerator integrates with many software platforms your organization already uses on a daily basis. Thus the SAP training and transition period will be that much shorter with Winshuttle.

2. Improved Data Integrity

Despite the enormous power of SAP and the tremendous benefits it brings your organization, the inescapable fact remains that a significant percentage of the data in even the most reliable ERP systems is inaccurate. Error-prone data can cost a fortune in unreliable reports, shipping problems, miscommunication with vendors, and dozens of other data-sensitive areas of your business. Winshuttle, however, implements and enforces master data governance (MDG), reducing errors while improving security. Having better data, validated with Winshuttle, will also help you reliably monitor key SAP performance metrics.

When it comes to data governance, Winshuttle has three key tools that have you covered:

  • Winshuttle Studio for validating data prior to entering it into SAP.
  • Winshuttle Foundation to implement master data governance.
  • Winshuttle User Governance to validate and handle scripts, user licenses and access in general.

3. Streamlined workflows

Winshuttle makes SAP-powered workflows faster and more efficient across the board. Given that SAP runs nearly every aspect of your organization's data and business processes, Winshuttle will inevitably accelerate your business as a whole. Because Winshuttle automates key tasks previously requiring custom code, Winshuttle also relieves the burden on IT, freeing the development team up for the primary work of improving your business directly. In short, you don't need to be a developer to create custom workflows in SAP anymore. Winshuttle provides your teams with a straightforward, browser-based interface to make both serial and parallel workflows to automate key data processes with minimal effort.

Winshuttle also reveals data processes that were previously in the shadows, bringing greater transparency into key data-driven processes. Greater transparency, in turn, leads to greater insight into inefficiencies and gaps in business processes that could be slowing your organization down or leading to security or regulatory issues.

At the heart of Winshuttle's capacity to streamline and automate custom workflows is Winshuttle Foundation. This powerful tool comes with an array of workflow-enhancing applications that validate data before it gets into SAP; improves data integrity going forward; and keeps data optimized for the custom workflows that drive your key business processes. Like other Winshuttle tools, Foundation is easy to use for non-developers.

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The Virtues of Winshuttle

If you want to get the most out of your SAP data and workflows, Winshuttle is an outstanding means to that end. First, Winshuttle will help you get data in and out of SAP faster than ever, and without the need for custom code. Second, Winshuttle will help protect your organization from expensive and dangerous errors by validating data and improving data integrity throughout your SAP system. Third, Winshuttle will empower non-IT teams to easily create custom workflows in SAP to streamline the key data and business processes that drive your business forward.

It was so exciting to gather with other enthusiasts and experts at the Winshuttle User Group Annual Conference 2017 this fall in Atlanta! View our photo album hereWhether you are just ramping up or looking for new ways to accelerate your SAP business processes, the Winshuttle User Group (WUG) annual conference is your destination to learn and network your way to achieving your goals with Winshuttle. If were not able to attend the conference this year, you can learn more about what Winshuttle can do for you from our webinar.

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